Tuesday, November 19, 2013

little glimpses of inspiration

I'm standing among the scattered remnants of a lego tower, with a toddler running circles around my already giant pregnant belly. The literal piles of neglected toys, dishes, and paperwork around my house are screaming at me. And so is my aching back.

In this moment, I'm not overflowing with love for other people. I'm not the master of my to-do list. I'm taking deep breaths and asking God to help me make it through this one moment.

On days like this, I need inspiration. I need little (and big) reminders that Jesus is Lord, that I'm His daughter, and that He is enough. I usually pray and end up giving myself a pep talk (what, you don't do that?). But this post from Jessi encouraged me to also know what "fires me up" - things that remind me of who I am and what I'm about and who I'm about. I need a few key things to turn to for a good dose of truth and some spunk, too.

Here are a few things that have been giving me the oomph I need, in recent days:
1. T. Swift's "Trouble". Turn this up real loud in the car and try not to shake your shoulders and throw your hands up while you avoid the stares of other drivers. It's gets my spunk on.

2. Reading this book with Nicholas and hearing him say "Happy Birthday Jee-uh!" - I'm done. Baking Jesus a birthday cake and celebrating God's greatest gift to humanity? That's good stuff right there.

3. She Reads Truth "Give Thanks" devotional - it's so much more than reciting what we're grateful for. I cant't wait to keep diving into the Word with this study.

4. Zero-ing in on my little dude. It brings life to my heart watching him discover and love and play.

5. The Thrive Moms weekly newsletter. Sign up for it pronto - it's SO encouraging and genuine.

6. I painted my nails for the first time in years (seriously), and I can't believe how feminine and put together it makes me feel! It's just that little something extra to bring the oomph.

7. Intentionally listening to worship music. I can never be reminded too much of who truly is the King! My husband is Spotify's biggest fan and now I might be #2.

8. Meaningful conversations with friends. That's where I find so much life and so much Jesus.

Honorable mention goes to mint oreo ice cream from Safeway. Amen.

What inspires you? What "fires you up," as Jessi says? I'd love to hear the little and big, things that help you to turn your eyes back on Christ and remember what you're about.

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