Wednesday, October 2, 2013

what i won't do in order to thrive {day two}

When it comes to problem solving, I am a "make a plan!" kind of girl.
Well, first I feel every feeling that one could possibly feel about the situation. My sweet husband has sat through many a tearful verbal processing session with me. He's a good man.

Once the feelings are felt, I get determined. Sometimes colored Sharpies are involved and often a Google Doc or two. I make a plan, and then a contingency plan. Unknowns scare me, and so I map the heck out of every what-if possible. 
Strategic planning isn't bad. There's a lot of bases that get covered when you are a detail-oriented thinker. But I plan so much, that I feel a strong duty to strictly follow my own orders. I have always struggled with following the letter of the law, instead of the spirit of the law. Then when I can't perfectly follow my plan, I want to scrap the whole thing.

So. Right now, before this experiment in thriving has even started, I'm (mentally) writing a giant, boldly-lettered word on top of all of my scribbles and notes: 
I'm putting my foot down and saying no to the letter of the law. The Lord wants me to thrive even more than I want myself to thrive; so I'm praying that I will follow His Spirit. I'm leaving white space in between my colored markings. I'm giving myself room to breathe and reflect and change.

I'm going to be proactive about bringing some normal to this harried life. Heck, I'm writing about it for 31 days. But I'm beginning this experiment by giving it the Lord. Mess up my plans. Give me Your wisdom. May I thrive by the work of your steadfast hands, instead of by my closed fists. Have Your way God.

Apart from Me, you can do nothing. 

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This post is day two of my 31 Days to Normal experiment. I'm writing for 31 days, as I seek to thrive in a season of major transition. Click the circle below to see the rest of the posts in this series!


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