Friday, October 4, 2013

wanting + thank you's {day four}

In a season laden with so much change, it's easy to feel like I'm always wanting. I'm wishing for everyday life to feel less foreign. I'm dreaming of a someday home where our family will settle. I'm missing the friends we left while hoping to strengthen my new relationships.

You know what breaks through my discontent and makes my heart zero in on the present?

I know, most predictable answer ever. But there's not a fancier technique or three-step-method that brings the peace that gratefulness does.

It was absolutely the Lord that reminded me a few days ago to be persistent in my thankfulness. There are rough days and there are still a lot of unknowns in our life right now; yet I am still capable of, and called to, gratefulness.

It's in the moments when my mind is swirling (Where will we live next? I hope this baby is healthy. When will the nausea end?) that a voice in my head asks, "What are you thankful for?" My mind slows, like my heart is taking a deep breath, and the questions fade. I don't have control of many things, but I am sitting in the palm of the Creator. And so I can be grateful.

Life is inconsistent. I say "I don't know" more than any other phrase right now. But these moments of "thank you" are changing my heart. They are cementing my trust in Jesus. Gratefulness is bringing peace to my present, instead of longing for what's to come.

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This post is day four of my 31 Days to Normal experiment. I'm writing for 31 days, as I seek to thrive in a season of major transition. Click the circle below to see the rest of the posts in this series!


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