Thursday, October 31, 2013

(un)Done {day twenty four}

This 31 day series (ahem, 24 day) started as an experiment in feeling more like "me."

Having moved a month prior, and having our daily life look completely different than it had for the previous 5 years, I wanted to get back to normal. I wanted to find ways to thrive in the middle of a chaotic transition. I thought that by peppering my days with a few new heart attitudes and fun activities, I'd "find myself" again.

Instead, I've been undone.
It sounds a bit dramatic, but thing after thing that I have sought after to make my life feel more stable have wandered out of reach. The how-to's and practical tips I had in mind to "experiment with", save a few, don't even apply to me right now.
Rather than ending this month as a transition expert and having my days feel totally routine again, I'm less "together" than when I began.

I'm wondering if maybe that's where I should have started. Undone.
Instead of adding more into my life, maybe I needed to strip everything bare.

As I attempted to add in new activities and create solid routines, life happened. We were sick at different times, much anticipated trips were canceled, logistics have been all over the place. Many days the only thing that felt "normal" was waking up with Nicholas and eating breakfast together.

Though my "experiment" seemed to fail day by day, there was one thing that kept cropping up:
Jesus is the only solid rock. He is THE constant. There is nothing truly reliable but Him.

Thriving has become clinging to Jesus. It's been letting go of all of the big and little things I hold onto before Him. It's looked like trusting that my exhausted prayers are heard, reciting "On Christ the Solid Rock" in my head, and truly being grateful for the little things He blesses me with.

There are some how-to's and some great practical tips for thriving; but you won't find them here right now. Instead, you'll find a tiny woman who points her finger at Jesus.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and we'll see where the Lord continues to take us.

This is the final post of my 31 Days to Normal Series. Find all of the posts here.

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