Wednesday, October 23, 2013

there is real change (and a screamin' deal!) {day nineteen}

Sometimes we just need to be inspired.
We need to see hope in action, and witness God's redemption at work in real women's lives.
We can't stay stuck on ourselves for too long when we see the needs of others, and are also given a tangible way to meet those needs.

If you've got a minute and 58 seconds, I ask that you would watch this video. 
Here is evidence of hope being lived out in the lives of women, and a small way that we can invest in real change, real hope.

I've met women who are a lot like Mulu, and I've seen firsthand the dignity, hope, and abundant life that comes from opportunity. 

FashionABLE creates sustainable jobs for women in Africa, who are at risk of joining the sex trade because of "extreme poverty and little opportunity." I love that they aim to move "beyond charity by creating opportunity."

Today is FashionABLE's 3rd birthday! Through Friday, their entire line is 30% off. This is a crazy good deal. Their pieces are gorgeous! Also, Christmas is coming up - and I don't know if FashionABLE will be offering a deal this good before then. SO - stock up! Empower women and bless the ladies in your life with a scarf or leather clutch, or the dudes with a leather ipad case or wallet!

Just a couple examples, there are quite a few more pieces:
                                 Fikire iPad case                                      Seble Scarf 

Your purchase of a beautiful scarf or a piece from their Leather collection gives women opportunity, dignity, and hope. Will you join me in empowering women and investing in their families?

Affiliate links used. 
If you purchase a FashionABLE item through my blog, you will not pay any additional fees, but I will receive a small commission, which goes to help support this blog. 
I very strongly believe in the mission of FashionABLE, and would share about them whether I was an affiliate or not.

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