Friday, October 18, 2013

some happy numbers {day seventeen}

 All photos courtesy of The Popes Photography

Can it really be five whole years?

Three states, eight countries, two babies (almost!).
Countless prayers, kisses, glances across the room when we both think something's funny.
Lots of arguments, started mostly by me :) 
Many moments of fighting for each other in times of difficulty.
Days of celebrating God's goodness together.
1824 days of choosing each other.

There is no one else I would want by my side through this journey.
Brian, you continue to blow me away with your heart to truly love people, 
and your unfailing trust in the Lord.
You push me to thrive and give me Jesus-like grace.

Though we were only 21,
I would go back to that day five years ago and say "I do" over and over again.
I love you.You da best. How about 75 more years?
*High five*

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