Monday, October 14, 2013

my people first {day thirteen}

The most frequent advice my husband and I were given before we moved was to make our family first priority. Apparently ministry can be demanding. (Said with a hint of sarcasm.) Boundary lines can blur easily when everything is new and there's so much to be done by such few people.

Doesn't that also sound a bit like life in transition? So much new and projects to finish and phone calls to make. You're out of your element and stress comes easily, which throws everyone off their game. 

I think that in transition, we need to make our family's a priority. 
We need to be proactive about spending meaningful time together as often as we can. 

For us, putting our family first has looked a little crazy the past two months. At the beginning we did well at the normal stuff like going on dates and taking Nicholas to the mall. But when my morning sickness hit, it got hard. Soon after, Brian was scheduled to go back to Montana for three weeks. (Yes, just a month after we had moved away from Montana.) We had planned on it being a tough but hopefully do-able three weeks apart; then three days before Brian left, Nicholas and I decided to go too. We put a bunch of stuff back into our suitcases and drove eight hours to what was just recently our old neighborhood. 

It was a little weird. It felt a bit like back-pedaling instead of moving forward. But we just couldn't get the idea of making our family a priority out of our heads. So we gave up convenience and maybe some conventional wisdom, and spent three weeks in the place we just said goodbye to. 

It was totally worth it. We actually had some restful moments together. We connected deeply with friends. Brian and Nicholas even got to attend an ultrasound appointment with me so that we could all see the baby for the first time. What could have seemed draining because of the amount of work it took was actually very life-giving. I'm so grateful that God gave us that time as a family. 

So even if it looks weird or doesn't feel convenient or you have to fork over some cash, put your people first. Whatever feels meaningful to do together, do it. It will be worth it.

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This post is day 13 of my 31 Days to Normal experiment. Click the circle below to see the rest of the posts in this series!


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