Monday, October 21, 2013

moving on + grieving {day eighteen}

This weekend I kept having these funny little moments where I truly thought I was in Montana.

I walked out of Target with Brian and Nicholas and was seriously confused at how many Washington license plates were sitting in the parking lot. Later that afternoon, we wanted to make plans with friends for the evening and my first thought was to call a couple that lived in Montana. (That would have made for a very long evening!)

Each time I realized we were actually in Washington, my heart felt a pang of sadness. 
Our driver's licenses and the letters in our mailbox show that we've moved on, but my heart hasn't quite caught up yet. We didn't move because we were unhappy, but because we knew God was calling us to something new. So we left in the middle of thriving friendships and fruitful ministry and a place we loved to call home. 

Friends? It's ok to grieve while in transition. 
Actually, it's probably healthy to.

I'm not going to sit around moping all day and refuse to accept to our "new" life - but I'm going to let myself feel the feelings. I'm going to miss friends and wish the freeways here weren't so darn terrifying crowded and get excited when I see a Montana license plate. Adapting doesn't require forgetting about the experiences and people you left behind; in fact I think it's best when you bring them with you, because they are a part of your story.

So I'm going to grieve. I'm going to walk through this valuable part of transition, instead of running away from it. I'm going to let Jesus meet me there and receive His hope and comfort.

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This post is day 18 of my 31 Days to Normal experiment. Click the circle below to see the rest of the posts in this series!


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