Saturday, October 5, 2013

i choose to be purposeful {day five}

If I've learned anything in the past five days of doing this little experiment, it's that thriving doesn't just happen; it takes prayerful, purposeful planning. The plan doesn't have to be complex or perfectly executed, but there does need to be thought involved.

What brings me life?
What rejuvenates me?
What habit or hobby have I dropped that makes me feel normal? 
There are more questions to ask than these, but I'm starting here today.

I partially answered this question when I talked about my "normal", saying that writing makes me feel like me. Obviously because this is my fifth day in a row, I've been practicing putting writing back into my days.

Another answer to what rejuvenates me is reading. I have loved reading since I was a little girl. When I've finished reading, I feel recharged and my mind feels a little clearer. This isn't the "answer" for everybody, but it's a habit that breathes life into my soul.

And you know what? Even though reading is incredibly refreshing for me, I often put it off! My messy house calls during nap time, or watching TV just seems so much more relaxing. Not counting blogs or magazines, I've read about 3 times since we moved. That is craziness! Reading does involve engaging my mind; but it's always, always worth it when I do. 

So my manifesto for today: I'm picking up the books again! (Or my Kindle, too.) Even if it's only 20 minutes during nap time or a few pages before bed, I will be purposeful in spending time doing something that will help me to thrive. I won't be able to read everyday, but I'm putting this hobby back into my life. I choose to thrive.

 Now I'm literally going to shut my computer and turn on my Kindle. See you tomorrow!

What is something small that you can add back into your life today, in order to thrive? 

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This post is day five of my 31 Days to Normal experiment. I'm writing for 31 days, as I seek to thrive in a season of major transition. Click the circle below to see the rest of the posts in this series!


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