Wednesday, October 9, 2013

for the hard days? a big pile of grace {day ten}

Sometimes, thriving looks like a big pile of grace.

There are days in the middle of transition that are just hard. You're exhausted and don't have the emotional or mental energy to suck it up. This was me yesterday. I just couldn't muster up the strength to do anything more than lay on the couch. I tried, but just made myself cry. So I stayed on the couch.

I realized that on these days, you have to let go of what you can and can't handle. You have to give yourself a ton of grace. You might even have to ask for help, and then not feel guilty afterwards.

Yesterday, when I finally decided that splashing cold water on my face wasn't going to cut it, I gave in. I put on a couple TV shows for Nicholas. I had a friend take him on a walk while I slept. I stayed in pajamas till 3pm. And when the lies filled my brain that I should "get over it" or that I was being a terrible mom, I asked the Lord to just cover me. He fought for me. He spoke to me of His unchanging grace, and let me rest in Him.

Can I give myself that kind of grace? If He does, then yes.

Constant change and continual "new" and grieving stability - it's exhausting. There are going to be days that hit you harder than others. Listen to Jesus' truth instead of the lies that you should be doing more or that you aren't progressing quick enough. Then rest. Give yourself grace as you receive His. He can handle your hard moments. Let Him.

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This post is day ten of my 31 Days to Normal experiment. I'm writing for 31 days, as I seek to thrive in a season of major transition. Click the circle below to see the rest of the posts in this series!


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