Tuesday, October 29, 2013

even though this is awkward {day twenty two}

Sometimes I get a little bit scared about writing through this season.

I try to write from where I'm honestly at - and often transition is stinkin' hard.
There are days when I am worn out and incredibly discouraged. There are moments when I don't know when the ups and downs will end.
This means that Peppy Mackenzie doesn't show up to this blog everyday.
Right now I'm less "here's a how-to!" and more "I feel really uncomfortable in all ways of life."

That might be a little awkward for you, my readers.
Maybe you're bored with all this transition stuff. That's ok.
Transition is TRULY really hard. I can't write a false account of it just to keep people reading.

What I feel about writing, even though I am scared and it makes me feel a little itchy, is this:

If I breezed past the discomfort, or didn't share how stuck I feel right now, would I know that
He is still worthy.
He is PRESENT in the waiting.
That Jesus truly is the only solid rock, the only thing worth standing on.
Would I know?

Being honest with myself and God, and with you, has kept me clinging to Christ.
I know even better than before we moved two months ago that all I have to be sure of in this life is Jesus. Truly. He is the only thing that lasts.

So I'm sorry if writing through this season has been a little one-note-ish. But I hope that you are learning with me the goodness of God in all circumstances, and the hope we have because of heaven.

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