Thursday, October 24, 2013

a gut check {day twenty}

Gut check time:
This life is not about security.

Ugh. As soon as I write that I want to go back and delete it because I really like feeling safe and secure.

I don't like staring at the truth, which is that Jesus is the only "secure", and this life is all about Him.
It feels a whole lot easier to rely on living in a safe neighborhood or having a generous, steady income. These things you can "count on." I wouldn't have to pray so darn much if I made the same amount of money every month and wasn't totally clueless about where we are going to live next month.

Right now, there's part of me that wishes I wasn't praying the type of prayers I have been. God, we need You. Lord, help. God, what are we going to do about _______?
Give me a gated community and a church already established and a six figure paycheck.

Then I look at Jesus.
He promises a hard life. He lived desperation.
He says that the kingdom of heaven is for the poor.
He shatters my ideas of what's safe, what's valuable, what's worth living for.

My security is heaven.
My safety is that I am written in the palm of God's hands.
My predictable is that I have a Good Shepherd, one who willingly lays His life down for me.

I wish I didn't have to pray so darn much?
Lord, don't let me stop praying desperate prayers.
Keep me poor in Spirit that I would completely know how much I need You.

Thriving isn't about hoping for the next time I feel secure; it's about placing my security in the One who never changes.

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This post was inspired by this She Reads Truth devotional. 

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