Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#31days to normal: the why {day one}

Welcome to 31 Days to Normal!

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The Intro

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Day 16: A Simple Change, Maybe a New Woman, + A Short Vlog

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Day 18: Moving On + Grieving

Day 19: There is Real Change

Day 20: A Gut Check

Day 21: Unsettled But Not Forgotten

Day 22: Even Though This is Awkward 

Day 23: What If We Really Believed That We Are Loved In Our Mess?

Day 24: (un)Done

Day One:

I mentioned in my intro yesterday that my family is in the middle of some major transition. A little over a month ago, we packed up our life (and our toddler) and moved from Montana to Seattle. New jobs, staying with family, a new city to learn, I'm 11 weeks pregnant...there's just a lot of new. 

And friends? When it comes to big life changes, I tend to be what I call a "flopper." I'm like a fish that just got slapped down onto a dock, flopping around trying to find water. My husband, on the other hand, sprouts legs and starts breathing oxygen right away. But I'm the flopping fish.

As the days after our move have turned into weeks, I've found myself feeling quite abnormal. I'm typically an extrovert, but I haven't been spending much time with people. I've been watching a lot of TV, forgetting to do the dishes, and have lost all sense of routine. Some of this is ok because I'm fairly morning sick and tired from being in my first trimester; but I also don't want to waste this season.

I don't want to numb myself, just trying to get through each day. I want to thrive. I want to grow, and depend fully on Jesus, even if the craziness hasn't stopped yet. I want to slowly, and by the Lord's leading, pick back up some of the things that make me me. I know that God has given me some people to love and some specific things to do, and I don't want those to get replaced by my TV remote and a sense of disillusionment. 

These next 31 days I'm going to ask myself hard questions, seek God's truth, and take a few steps in the direction of being who God made me to be. ALL of these things I will be doing by God's grace, as I am too tired (and nauseous) to do this on my own.

I'm asking the Lord to help this floppy fish find water. Let's see where He takes us!

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