Friday, September 20, 2013

things i don't want to forget

There are so many things about this stage with Nicholas that I don't want to forget.
Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones making me sentimental, but I feel this strong urge to truly enjoy him and not rush over the little nuances that make him him. In the chaos of moving (and just of life) it would be so easy to let these sweet little things go unnoticed. But someday when he's a big ol' ten year old and not my baby anymore, these are the types of things I'll want to remember:

The way that Nicholas nonchalantly flips his hand up in a little wave and says "hi!" to everybody he walks by.

How he asks a million times a day, "what doing?" (what are you doing?) with his head slightly bent towards his shoulder. Don't get me wrong, it definitely gets irritating, but it's also just so sweetly him. 

The way his little body wraps around mine during his bedtime routine. He's never one to just cuddle for no reason, and so I savor these moments. He rests his head on me, letting me sing to him as I just want to melt inside. It's this specific moment where I pray for him the most. It's the one where my heart feels like it's going to fall out because I'm just so grateful. Someday (like when he's three) he's going to be waaaay to big to lay on me like that. I want to remember this.

The way he giggles through his teeth when he's just insanely excited.

His wildness and his sweetness. He's both totally crazy and also so darn sweet. He hugs my baby belly, he gives kisses, and loves to hug. At the same time, his only speed is RUN!!!, he screams when he gets excited, and he could wrestle all. day. long. (That's what Dads are for, right?)

It's incredible to watch my son live the personality that God put in him. There's a story inside of him, one that was written before the foundation of the earth, one that I get to be intimately acquainted with in this season of his life. I'm so grateful for the view I have right now, and I don't want to forget one bit.

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