Sunday, September 1, 2013

seven things i learned in august

I learned a few things this past month. While packing and unpacking, mom-ing, goodbye-ing, and just living, I added a few more things to my brain. Here they are, in list form, because who doesn't love a good list?

1. My family is really loved. I mean, I knew this before last month - but August confirmed it. Family came out to help us move, friends threw us parties, many prayers were spoken, we had texts, phone calls, and online messages cheering us on as we moved, people watched Nicholas so we could pack...the list goes on. It's humbling and just plain awesome to know that we are so supported in this crazy adventure.
Our sweet goodbye party (thanks Mom for the picture!)

2. CAJUN FOOD. We went out with some friends to a Cajun restaurant before we left Montana - and holy yum. I never would have chosen to eat there on my own, but I'm so glad we did because it was a taste-bud-party with every bite. Three (or four?) words: Candied-bacon wrapped shrimp. Yes.

3. Red lipstick really is where it's at. I've been way too scared to try it, thinking "I can't pull that off!" But I finally gave it a try. And you know what? It is awesome. I feel so fancy and sophisticated (and a little bit like an impostor) whenever I wear it.

4. The importance of taking things in and experiencing moments, even in the middle of chaos. We ate meals with friends," went to the lake, held friend's babies, stared at our beautiful mountains. I don't regret one second of taking time out of packing and prepping to savor these things. It brought closure and made our goodbyes feel very full. (And this has also meant I've been blogging less frequently, which is sad for me but has also let me just be our first few days of being in Washington.)

5. Pants are overrated. But only when it comes to small children.

6. "Internet friendships" can be quite meaningful and very real. This was demonstrated when I met up with my sweet Nadine (and her adorable mommy!) and we had so. much. fun. together. It was just like our months of texts and FaceTime chatting sessions, but even better because we got to hug and go shopping and share our hearts in person. I'm grateful for the internet because otherwise I wouldn't know some beautiful friends who bless me on a daily and weekly basis.

Ain't she cute?

and finally:

7. The Lord my God truly is with me wherever I go.

What is something you learned in August?

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