Monday, September 30, 2013

#31days: a little preview of october

If you've been around my blog for even just a month or two, you'll know that my family's life has been a little bit nuts lately. A move, with my husband and toddler son. The beginning stages of church-planting. Baby #2 on the way, complete with lovely morning sickness. Living with (amazing, generous) family after living on our own. The changes of small town living to big ol' Seattle. Being in missions for five years and now starting something brand new. (Did I mention that we're back in Montana for three weeks for Brian to finish school?)

Reading all of those things just makes me want to take a nap. Actually, living those things makes me want to watch a lot of Netflix and forget that there's a whole life waiting for me outside of my computer. Don't get me wrong; I'm doing ok. We have incredible friends and family and God has been faithful. But in this past month, I've found myself fighting to thrive. I've swung from the honeymoon phase of transition, to "I'm moving back to Montana!", to numbing myself with entertainment. And lots of in between.

I'm finding that it takes a lot of prayer, proactive-thinking, and grace to truly thrive during big life changes. It doesn't just happen on it's own. But I think that thriving is possible. And I want to find out how. I want to begin to make our life feel just a little bit normal, even in the midst of slight chaos.

So: starting October 1st I'm doing a little experiment. I'm going to seek out ways to thrive, and write about it everyday of the month. 

I'll probably fail a few times, but I want to take the risk anyway. I want to seek the Lord, and use the wisdom He's given to me and to others smarter than I. Transition inevitably is a little crazy; I want to find out how to put some normal back into this crazy. Join me on my adventure?

I'm joining The Nester for her 31 Days Series. Check out all of the series, or link up your own, at her blog! 31 Days starts October 1st.

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