Monday, August 12, 2013

five things we're loving about these toddler days

These days with a 20-month-old are full of LIFE. There is lots of running, squealing, crying, yelling, dirt-stain-cleaning, wrestling...the list goes on. When Nicholas is awake, he goes full speed.

Brian and I often stare at each other with raised eyebrows, wondering how in the world Nicholas has so much energy. But we also glance at each other so that we can share in the delight. We continually talk about what a gift this boy is, laughing over his silliness, and enjoying this crazy stage of life.

1. We are watching the BOY burst out of him, more everyday. He collects sticks, talks about planes non-stop, and thinks farting is hilarious. All boy.

2. Watching him try to jump. He yells "jup!" and then squats really fast. Then falls over. He just tries so hard. I can't help but cheer him on even though he is nowhere near getting his feet off of the ground.

3. When he gets really excited, he just starts naming his favorite things in a string of randomness.
"Buy-gar-hemet-paaannee-gracka!" (Bike, car, helmet, plane, cracker.)

4. There's nothing better than watching Nicholas when Brian comes home. I didn't know a boy could love his Dad so much! There's happy screaming, attempts at jumping, and then all the sudden he gets very serious as he shows Brian whatever activity he was doing before he freaked out. I am so grateful for their relationship.

5. And probably my favorite thing about this stage with Nicholas? When he sees something he loves (like a dog or an airplane), he runs over to me. He grabs my legs, says, "Mommy! Plane!", and sits with me while we enjoy his favorite things together. I absolutely love being included in his rejoicing.

What are you enjoying about your current stage with your kids, or nieces and nephews?
What redeems the hard/loud/exhausting moments for you?

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