Thursday, August 1, 2013

and the winner is...

Friends -  we have been unbelievably blessed over the past two weeks that the iPad mini giveaway has been going on. People have come out of the woodworks to give, to share about the giveaway on social media and by word of mouth, and to support us in so many ways.

Brian and I are blown away at how God provided for our family! We had online friends, "real life" friends, and even people we've never met before donate towards our move. To everyone who gave - thank you so, so much. And to those of you who supported us in other ways like sharing about the giveaway or praying for us, we are so grateful for you! We are just overwhelmed at the love and support given by our friends and family.

I'm excited to share that the winner of the iPad mini, chosen via random number generator, is Ashley from Written On Her Heart (formerly 5ohWifey)! Ashley is a friend of mine that I've had the privilege to meet in person, as well as learn from her online.

We wish you all could have won :) And congrats Ashley! It was awesome and humbling to see people from all areas of our life support us. We move in 24 days - and you guys are making that possible!

- Mackenzie, Brian, and Nicholas

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