Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a peek into the yahtzee cup

Last week I likened big life transitions to Yahtzee. You know, the part where you put the dice in the cup, shake it up, and then throw them all out onto the table. You're a little dizzy, trying to figure out where everything fits and how it goes together.

This week, we're the dice inside of that cup - but with so much grace and support. I am just humbled by how many people are praying for us, encouraging us, and standing with us as we prepare to move on Saturday.

Friends have watched Nicholas so that we can pack up our house; we're getting a big ol' party (aka cry-fest) thrown for us tonight; I've had girls nights and Brian and I have gone on double dates; the texts, emails, and in person prayers are boundless; and my mom is here! (She is the best form of support!)

While the details of our life are being shaken up, the people around us are holding us together. The Lord is pouring out love on us like I just can't believe. I stop and cry when I think of last hugs, final peeks at our beautiful lake, and closing the door of our house for the last time. But we go knowing that we are leaving people who love us, and moving to people who love us. It's just so humbling.

So while we aren't fully packed yet, and we have plans every single night, and there's so much cleaning to do, we are finding grace inside of this crazy week. We've gone to the park, enjoyed the lake, had amazing meals with friends, celebrated birthdays. I don't want to remember the packing lists and the color-coded Sharpies; I want to remember the people, the sweet moments, and the absolute love that is being shown to us as we prepare to go.

In the next two weeks, this place will be a little quiet. I'll pop in to say hi, and a few wonderful friends are sharing some of their words. Know that I'm grateful for all of your prayers, encouragement, and support. You guys rock.

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