Wednesday, July 31, 2013

seven things

1. We move in 25 days.
(Insert blank stare and glassy eyes as I ponder how to get packed and say goodbye well in these next few weeks.)

2. This kid has started calling me "mommy" instead of "mama." As well as using 2 or 3 word sentences. It never fails to amaze me how fast toddlers learn and grow!

3. Today is the final day to enter our iPad mini giveaway! You can learn more about it here HERE. Just know that a $10 donation enters you to win - and is a HUGE help as we prepare to move for our church plant. Giveaway closes tonight at midnight PST.

4. We went on our first family hike last week, and it was SO fun. Nicholas kept yelling "backpack!" while he was on Brian's back, and he loved seeing the water falls and streams. This is one thing we'll definitely do again before we move. (And we'll just pretend that it's not my first time hiking even though I've lived in Montana for almost five years...)

5. This whole fruit-infused water idea totally lives up to the hype. I've seen it all over the internet lately, and had some fruit I needed to use up. Verdict: delicious and super refreshing. I just threw some frozen blueberries, a peeled + sliced nectarine, and a squeeze of lime juice in cold water.

6. Nick and I have spent lots of time at the lake lately. He yells "water!" (in toddler language), loves throwing rocks, and names all the boats, planes, and birds he sees.

Nick on the left, with one of his best buddies.

7. We have spent much of this week feeling very grateful. God has been providing for us in amazing and unexpected ways. He's given us an incredible support system and friends + family who truly believe in us. He's given us some sweet memories to cherish as a family. We are very, very grateful.

I hope you guys are having a great week. What's been going on around your corner of the world?

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