Monday, July 8, 2013

for the hard days {a little grace for the mamas}

The other day while perusing through Momastery, a very honest and witty blog, I read:

"Parenting is hard. But maybe the fact that it's so hard means you're doing it right." (This is my slightly paraphrased version of what the author originally wrote.)

This was so refreshing to me.
These 19-month-old days are full of joyous moments, but plenty of hard ones too. The tantrums are more frequent, the particular-ness is at an all time high, and much of the time I wonder if I'll get any of this right. Sometimes being a mom is just plain hard.

The little quote I mentioned above reminds me that it's ok that motherhood is hard; I haven't messed the whole thing up just because it's not going perfectly. ALL moms say motherhood is hard.

I'm also reminded that being a mom is ultimately not about me.
Motherhood is a chance to serve, an avenue to know Jesus more deeply, a responsibility to shape a little life for eternity, and a whole slue of other things.

Motherhood comes with the promise of difficult days - and that's ok. But with the difficult also comes the beautiful. With the hard also comes growth. With the desperate also comes a deeper knowledge of my need for God, and a greater trust in His faithfulness as I watch Him meet me in the middle of my need.

I don't want to spend my days fearing the hard. I want to face it, ask for help, and let it make me more like Jesus. And I want to have the eyes to see the beautiful moments through it all; there are so many more of those than I see at first glance.

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  1. I have been thinking the exact thought often ""Parenting is hard. But maybe the fact that it's so hard means you're doing it right." ---after a huge fit Micah finally says "puhleeese" and then I am like "YES! He is getting it!" And those in-between (and correction) times are so hard and sometimes I want to give in...but when obedience achieved (for the time being) is oh so sweet.

    Motherhood is such a refining and sanctifying time. I glad he is not finished with us, friend.


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