Wednesday, July 17, 2013

dreaming big + simple obedience

Lately I've been doing a lot of dreaming about the future.

I've been thinking about books I may write.
I've thought of ministries I might start.
I've been praying for the kids we may adopt.

I've enjoyed thinking about how God might use my family to help people know Him. It's fun to think about these "big" things, and wonder if and when they will happen.

But somewhere in these recent days of dreaming, my vision's gotten a little funky.
I can't stop staring at these big ideas, and I can barely see what and who God has put around me right now. I've started to see my "calling" and the ability to obey God as best lived out in the "big" stuff.

A few years ago I heard a friend and wise teacher talk about "God's will" for our lives.
He talked about how we often want to know what BIG things God has for us. Yes, I know I should love my neighbor and give to the poor, but God, what else do you have for me? Speak to me in a dream, give me a vision of something grand!

And I think it's ok to want to know those "big" things. It's fun to dream and looking at the gifts and passions God has given me as I wonder, "hmm, what could He do with these?". God works in big ways all the time!

My friend went on to say that much of God's will for our lives is simple. And much of the time we don't even have to ask what His will is; it's pretty plainly spelled out in the pages of the Bible.

Love Jesus and keep loving Him.
Pray often.
Love our neighbor.
Take care of the orphan.
Do everything in the name of Jesus
Be hospitable.
Share the Gospel.
Serve the poor.
Grow deeper in the knowledge of God.
Be generous.

You guys, I want to be bold. I want to keep asking God for specific ideas of how to minister to people, because He is a very creative God. I want to be stinkin' radically obedient because people knowing Jesus changes everything. But I gotta confess that in my desire for God to use me, I've often overlooked these "little" obediences. I sometimes shrug them off as less important and beg God to give me something bigger. You know, for His glory. But mostly for mine. 

I don't want to miss an opportunity to love someone like Jesus does because it doesn't seem radical enough. I don't want to keep my front door closed because I'm waiting for God to do something "bigger" than inviting someone inside.

Jesus did the big stuff; He performed miracles, spoke to crowds of thousands, and raised the dead. He did these things out of obedience to His Father, and it brought much glory to God.
Jesus also played with toddlers. He had meals with people who needed a friend and He spent time with the grieving. He did these things out of obedience, bringing much glory to God; and bringing many to salvation as well.

I want to enjoy all that God has for me.
I want to be all in for the big ideas that scare me out of my mind, while also jumping on the chance to simply love my neighbor.
It's freeing and motivating to know that I don't decide how God is going to use my obedience;
I just need to be available to say yes.

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  1. Love this! Thanks for the reminder Mackenzie!

  2. Mackenzie! This post is certainly all sorts of GOOD TRUTH. I found myself saying yes + amen all throughout. I have been dreaming so much lately – but dreaming to the point where I lost track of the very things set before me. I can get so caught up in my "all or nothingness" that I forget to ever move. I want to be obedient. And I so want it to be from a place of pure motives + love.

    "It's freeing and motivating to know that I don't decide how God is going to use my obedience; I just need to be available to say yes." – my favourite line(s).

  3. Love this Mackenzie, I think so often we all want to be big dreamers and forget about the simple dreams of others, like being loved & fed.

  4. great post Mackenzie! God showed me a few years ago that His will wasn't some 20 year plan but it's a daily following after Him. And it really allowed me to be in the moment more instead of trying to see so far ahead. But you're right, it's so fun to wonder what God might be doing with this or that, and even more fun to look back and see what God has done over the years that you never saw coming!

  5. This is so good to hear and be reminded of! Thank you Mackenzie! It can be hard to balance the big dreams and the day-to-day obedience, but the big dreams will only happen if we learn the little daily obediences. Thanks for this reminder! I really needed it!
    Alesha <3

  6. i love this. ive really been enjoying the little things that God has for me lately. when you realize the awe and the privledge of who called you to do it, it somehow seems fulfilling...

  7. Yes and Amen, Mackenzie. I love this all so much. I resonate with you words. A few months back I wrote out a post listing "God's will for my life" in verses, because really it is a simple, day to day thing. And that is no less bold or spiritual. You've said it so well here. Thanks for sharing your heart :)

  8. This post was AWESOME! I'm bookmarking it for the future. Great job friend!

  9. this is really wonderful. I think so often we put so much effort into figuring out what our big dream is for life and forget about the little things. Jesus did it all, like you said and it's humbling to look at His life and see all the "big" and "little" things He did. and the bottom everyone and everything. thanks for this post!


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