Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where I'm From

Today the ladies involved with the Influence Network are sharing a bit about where we grew up, and where we currently live! Since the Network is "home" to women from all across the globe, this is a fun way to make the world a little smaller. So here's a bit about where I'm from...

I grew up in in a suburb of Seattle.

There's a beautiful downtown area that's ritzy and full of cute shops and a marina, right on the lake. But I lived a little ways away, in a fairly normal, not-so-ritzy neighborhood. All growing up my schools were full of kids of all nationalities, and I love that. I played soccer with the girls in my neighborhood, frequented the Baskin-Robbins down the road, and had a beautiful view of a plant nursery right behind my backyard. (Until that was replaced with a housing development. Go figure.)

Yes, there was a lot of rain. I have fond memories of walking to school in the rain with my twin brother and splashing in massive mud puddles during soccer games. But the rain also means that it is GREEN. Whenever we visit, I am always comforted and refreshed by seeing lush flowers, blossoming trees, and lots and lots of green. I love the big city Seattle life; but the green of a soccer field and vibrant colors of wildflowers have my heart.
My family currently lives in Montana. We live in a teeny, no stoplight town. We also live next to one of the most breathtaking scenes I've ever encountered. When I drive down to the grocery store or to our local coffee shop, a gigantic lake, borded by snow covered mountains, sits next to the road. It NEVER gets old. Ever.

No editing here, friends. Just pure Montana beauty.

Everyone in our town says hello. The checkers at our grocery store know Nicholas' name, and the local brewery knows our usual order. It's slow, friendly, small-town living. It's a far cry from Seattle's city life, and it's a sweet way of life that I've grown to love. 

It's a bitter cold winter, but the summers are GLORIOUS. Beautiful parks on the lake, eating ice cream on the dock, and garage sale-ing at it's best. It may take 25 minutes to get to the nearest town, and the idea of "international cuisine" is a joke; but oh how we've grown to love this little place.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Montana looks BEAUTIFUL! What brought you guys there?

  2. This is so awesome! :) Love it! My husband grew up for 8 years of his life in Montana. We visited there last year and I absolutely loved it. Can't wait to go back! I love small town life :)

  3. I've never been to the Northwest, but it sounds absolutely beautiful!!! Living in Montana used to be on my wishlist because I love the mountains. Now I'm in uber-flat Indiana, but still finding reasons to be happy. :P Although I do keep scrolling up to see your pictures..

  4. Looks like you live in an absolutely lovely place. Montana will now be added to my travel list.

    Dawn @lifeinthesack

  5. So nice to meet you! I think I just started following you on Twitter! I drove through Montanna years ago on my way to live in California for time and it was breath-taking!

    Thank you for sharing! Excited to follow your blog!


  6. Love learning about your background.

  7. I have GOT to visit the Northwest sometime in my life! Seattle is on my list. And I've never been to Montana... Jon would LOVE those mountains!

  8. The photo of the lake and the snow-capped mountains is GORGEOUS! Wow, what a view. I've visited Seattle once or twice and I love it there. Your small town life sounds so charming :)

  9. I have an almost identical picture of me in my basketball days... laying down with the basketball in my feet! haha But seriously, Montana looks GORGEOUS!!! It's one of the few states I haven't been to but really want to visit!

  10. That shot of the Montana sky + the mountains is breath taking. I want to vacation at your house! :)

  11. WOW. That photo of the lake is GORGEOUS! You did a good job selling your city ;)


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