Monday, July 1, 2013

our pint-sized moments {celebrating life's little victories} + a note

Today is another edition of my Pint-Sized Moments - a chance to celebrate the little victories in life!

If today had a theme, it would be "moments that aren't so easily captured." 
Capturing these moments is certainly victorious to me! 

My twin brother & I
My brother & his wife were in town two weeks ago, and we don't get to see each other often - so this was definitely a moment worth documenting :)

Seeing my twin & my son together melts my heart. 
Especially when Nicholas scratches Taylor's beard. So silly.

This friend is so dear to my heart.
There are four kids between us two mamas, so taking photos together just doesn't happen often.

He calls his new bucket his "he-met!" (helmet). While it's normal to share lots of pictures of him, I usually don't get such sweet smiles while he's also in toddler-action-mode.

First real piggy-back ride!

I love these chubby hands and the way Nicholas yells "GARR!" (car). 
Getting a non-blurry pic of him is rare these days.

Drinking iced coffee (mostly) alone. (Nicholas was in the back seat asleep + Brian was in a store.)
I relished a few quiet moments to sip and read a good book!

When my husband + I are both wearing tank tops and taking a couple's selfie, that's just not ok.
Therefore, you will never see another picture like this again :)

What were some of your little victories this last week?

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I also wanted to share this awesome article by Emily Freeman, about "big moves" or "big steps" (maybe like us moving to plant a church next month). Emily says so much better what I wish I could articulate, so read it if you'd like! 

What really touched me was, "all movement requires faith no matter how big or small it may look on the outside - whether you're stepping into the unknown or stepping into the same thing as yesterday." It's a lot of really quiet, and pretty scared, little moments that lead up to the "big"moments. So I'm excited to keep taking little steps and having little moments, and I'll be praying that the only One I'm trying to glorify in this whole process is Jesus.

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  1. Beautiful words at the end. And also, I would like couple selfies once a day. Please and thank you!

  2. Having coffee and reading a book sounds so nice. What are you reading these days?

    1. It was definitely a treat :) Right now I'm reading "Desperate" by Sarah Mae - SUCH a good mom for moms of little ones. And also "The Chruch Planting Wife" by Christine Hoover. It's a great book for any woman who is in ministry, or who is married to someone in ministry.

    2. Oh nice! I'll have to check those out. I am always looking for new books to read : )

  3. Yay for moments alone (mostly)! Hope this week is just as lovely for you!

  4. Just wanted to say I love you! And your blog's new tagline is perfect.

  5. Oh, embrace the blurriness of those pics! I've learned to accept some, since motion is a constant for the little ones!

  6. I'm always embarrassed by the selfie... but sometimes you gotta do it! Great photos!

  7. Ha I get the toddler blurred photos, but I'm sure we'll crazily cherish them in 20 years...sweet post momma!:)


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