Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Less Stress, More Enjoying {And A Giveaway!}

Over the past few years I've realized that I am a walking contradiction. I thrive under structure, I love order, and my heart sings when things are organized well. But I'm also messy, quite forgetful, and have a really hard time coming up with helpful organizational systems. This has left me with piles of paperwork on my kitchen table and years of planners that have been abandoned by October.

This also means that the home "management" types of things that I do as a mom (or just as an adult) make me cringe a little. I'd really just like someone to show me how to take care of my home and all the things that come along with that in an efficient, life-giving way.

Nicholas' version of homemaking

When my friend Hannah told me about an e-book she was writing calling "Efficient Homemaking", my ears perked up. Efficient homemaking. Is that even possible? And does this mean I have to be the perfect housewife? Yes to the possible; no to the perfect. (If you haven't met Hannah, I highly suggest you stop by her blog. She's a talented writer and just had some of her work published in the first issue of the Influence Network magazine. She is also one of the most genuine women I know.)

This is not just another book on cleaning - it's a simple guide for those who want to quickly and efficiently take care of your home, so that you can fully enjoy the people who fill it. I love that Hannah says straight out that her home isn't perfect, and that perfection isn't the goal - instead, the goal is to take care of your home so that you feel comfortable welcoming people inside. I love that. And I love that strategy, hospitality, and grace can go hand in hand.

Here's just a few reasons that when I read "Efficient Homemaking," I was a little bit floored:

1. Hannah doesn't just regurgitate cleaning tips she's head from other people; there is quite a lot of original content and innovative ideas that I'd never heard of before.

2. When I introduced one specific tip that I learned from her book (that I won't spoil so you can read it!), I have had a lot more peace and truly have enjoyed our home more.

3. This book hits WAY more than cleaning - there's information on the heart behind homemaking, strategies for efficiency, home organization, meal planning and grocery shopping, cleaning, and more.

4. The content and ideas shared in this book are for women of all walks of life - single, married, moms, empty nesters, etc. You can have a tiny house (like me) or a mansion, and these tips would be applicable to you.

So because I believe in less stress (WOOH!), because I think Hannah is an incredible woman, and becuase this book seriously rocks, today I'm giving away a free copy! And if you don't win the book, I highly suggest going to Hannah's blog to purchase it!

Giveaway Rules:
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I also wanted to add that while I don't mind "sponsored posts", this isn't one of them. I believe in Hannah and her book, and I just wanted to share it with you all!


  1. This looks like such a great book! My favorite part of managing my home is having the opportunity to create a safe haven for my husband and anyone who walks through the door. I love making any little touches that make our house feel more like a home. My least favorite part of managing our home is doing dishes and finding new meals to cook. Those things never seem to get easier.

  2. Picking up after the kids feels like a never-ending, almost impossible task. This book sounds great!

  3. I didn't realize I was supposed to leave a specific comment until I clicked "I entered" and then the prompt disappeared! I don't understand these Rafflecopter things. Seriously, they always confuse me! Anyway, I think it said something about my organizational tip?! My tip is that I always, ALWAYS put all of our laundry through the washer and dryer on Mondays. I may not fold it and put it away for a few days, but at least I can point to three laundry baskets full of "something" I've accomplished and it makes me feel a lot more ready to take on the rest of the week!

  4. I have to say that Laundry has to be my least favorite thing! Especially the putting away clothes part! Do I leave them sitting in the dryer for way to long to avoid having to put them away? Yes! I do enjoy hanging them out on the line during the summer though, so that is one positive thing!

  5. If we are going to be honest here it is cleaning...bathrooms espeically but needs to be done!

  6. I have had to work and work and work at making my home run smoothly. I've been married for almost 8 years and feel like I am just at a place where I feel like it's running as smooth as possible for having 5 people living under one roof.

  7. I like vacuuming! I love seeing a visual change in the house. I usually don't like doing dishes as much : )

  8. love it! and it's just what I need!!!!

  9. ps I hate dishes. like loathe them.

  10. Im pretty sure laundry and dishes are my least favorite house chore. We dont have a dishwasher and it seems like in no time the pile is a mile high.

  11. We both picked today to share an ebook! :)
    My favourite part of keeping a home is when somebody comes over and tells me that they feel comfortable. It makes the scramble to clean up (right before they arrive) worth it!

  12. Laundry is most definitely my least favorite.

  13. I don't have a dishwasher, so having to hand wash everything is my least favorite part!

  14. um, i'd have to say my least favorite is trying to get rid of the FLEAS that our dog consistently has. augh!

  15. Probably my least favorite is laundry. I usually let my clean clothes sit in a clothes basket in my room for days or even weeks.

  16. My least favourite part is the dishes because they are never ending and make us look like slobs while they're waiting on the bench to be cleaned. My favourite is the laundry because I can fold it in front of the TV ;)


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