Friday, June 28, 2013

11 Things I Learned in June

Here are some random, encouraging, and true things I learned in June! (In no particular order.)

1. Consistency in parenting pays off. Case and point? Whenever Nicholas is handed an item (food, a toy, his hat), he responds with an enthusiastic "day-doo!!" (Thank you.)

2. There is an app for Google Chrome that lets you set a time limit for any website, and once you've reached your limit for that day, those sites are restricted! Genius. Thanks Stay Focused App for less time-wasting on Twitter.

3. You can find vector art of each state's map for FREE! And they're actually pretty good quality, too.

4. Eating healthy & exercising a few times a week actually brings results. Less love handles on this mama, wooh!

5. That people really are FOR each other. I shared on Twitter earlier this month that I want to grow in truly rejoicing in other people's victories. Several ladies agreed with me - and then many of you showed me how to do it. When I shared about our upcoming move and church plant, I was overwhelmed by the encouragement, prayers, and love from all sorts of people. Thanks for showing me how to rejoice and support one another.

6. That watching several episodes of 24 in one week induces paranoid, conspiracy-theory-filled dreams. Jack Bauer is awesome when you are awake and watching him save the world; he's a little more scary in your sleep.

7. That toddlers are more than their tantrums. They are also funny, incredibly smart, fast learners, so sweet, cuddly, and fun. I'm SO glad to learn this. Yes, the behavior can be difficult; but hearing new words and watching them get concepts is amazing.
Nicholas saw Brian working on his motorcycle, so on his own he pulled out a smaller wrench and started "working" on his tractor! And he is starting to love lots of cuddles with mom :)

8.  That apparently I needed another reason to love John Krasinksi and Jimmy Fallon

9. That as a mom of little ones, I'm not alone and there's hope.

10. That God can change my heart as a mother. Since I wrote this post inspired by 1 Peter 5:2, I've made more of an effort to pray for willingness, instead of feeling like I have to do everything I do as a mom. The perspective and grace He's heaping on me is incredibly refreshing. I have nowhere near perfected this, but I'm grateful that me + Jesus is better than me on my own.

11. And I learned that someone found my blog by searching "Harrison Ford cardboard cut out." I'm pretty proud of that.

I'm linking up today with Emily Freeman for "Things I Learned in June." Join us!


  1. Sometimes people find my blog by searching "adult teething tablets" - I don't think it satisfies what they are looking for :)

    And YES to the toddlers being more than their tantrums. I love mine SO much, and though those moments are overwhelming, he really still has our hearts.

  2. I love all these things you're learning!

  3. Loved your list! I probably need to install that Stay Focused App....

    Stopping by from Emily's. :)

  4. Great idea to pray for willingness! I feel the same way about my toddler! The kisses help make up for the screaming. :)

  5. What a great list! Love reading all these lists from Emily's link-up.

  6. Love this list and John Krasinksi is my favorite!

  7. This is really inspiring. I'm also praying for "willingness" and also the peace to be able to live with open hands to accept what God sends my way. Sometimes I think I miss all the blessings when I'm distracted by worries. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. A stay focused app for Chrome? OH, no. I need that but I have a feeling I will hate it. Going to install it now, because that's really genius!


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