Friday, May 24, 2013

Where I Turn {A Little Grace for the Mamas}

Last week I needed a little more grace than usual. Brian was out of town for a few days, and not having my "back up" for toddler meltdowns or the throes of bedtime left me a little frazzled.

I'm the mom taking pictures of my smoothie while my toddler throws himself on the ground.

There were moments when I just needed a little extra dose of grace. (Or maybe a big bowl of ice cream, but that's kind of off limits right now, dang it!) I'm grateful to the Lord that He provided a few of these moments for me. I found grace in good chats with my mom, in reading the Bible, in a girls night complete with wine and snacks, and in laughing with fellow moms who could sympathize. These are all places I turn for glimpses of grace; I turn to the Lord and the truth in His Word and to the people who lift me up.

There were also some things I read last week that poured grace all over me. If you need a little boost today, I encourage you to click away. These ladies are places I usually turn when I need some grace from the internets:

- This song. On repeat. With an awkward amount of tears for 6 in the morning and a toddler who is quizzically staring at you with his mouth full of breakfast. (Thanks Naptime Diaries for sharing!)

- What motherhood and "fruit" are, and aren't, about, via Grace Covers Me.

- What your daughter "doesn't need you to say" via Chatting at the Sky. I don't have a daughter, but as a woman this was releasing and grace-filling for me.

- Yay! Someone else has "no idea what they're doing"!!! via Take Heart.

- This lady and this lady, just in general.

- Sometimes it's ok to "just float", via The Mom Diggity. She is ALWAYS a pit-stop for me when I need grace as a mom.

- On fighting alone and admitting weakness, via Homemade Bliss.

- On waiting and our treasure, via A Royal Daughter.

- This daily devotional.

Where do you turn to receive grace? Who/what puts that life back into you when you feel like you're at your frayed, tired end?

I pray for you today that you will be filled with the really big, unlimited grace that is in Jesus.

This post is part of a series. Click the photo below to read more about grace for moms! 
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  1. My go to for pretty much anytime I need refreshed is my Kari Jobe Pandora station. For some reason her music just gives me the boost I need. And this ---> blog. Talk about speaking to a momma heart, I cry almost every time I read her blog.

    1. Katie, I'll check that blog out! And I love my Kari Jobe Pandora station, too :)


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