Saturday, June 1, 2013

Unexpected Transformation {Happy Birthday She Reads Truth!}

Well happy Saturday everyone!

I have a little video blog for you today in which I admit that I really suck at reading the Bible. Well, until a few months ago :) And I say some other things too.

Today is She Reads Truth one-year birthday! She Reads Truth is an online ministry that produces Bible studies for women, and it's turned into a pretty cool community. Thousands of women are reading together, finding Jesus through the pages of God's Word. I love that. The practical details of this ministry (and how you can use their awesome tools for reading the Word!) can be found HERE.

Today I'm sharing how God has used She Reads Truth in my life. I truly didn't expect to be changed by downloading a Bible app on my phone and starting a new Bible reading plan - but I have been. In some deep ways. And I'm so grateful.

So here's what God has done, because He's really good and loves having relationship with people, and because the Bible rocks.

Music: Bethel Live "God I Look To You"

If you are a lady, I recommend She Reads Truth.
If you are a mama who barely has time to shower let alone read the Word, try starting with these awesome (and non-cheesy) devotionals.
If you struggle to read your Bible often, I suggest this ministry.
If you want to immerse yourself in truth and be challenged to your core, I say try reading the Bible and use the She Reads Truth devotionals as a tool.

You can read the daily devotionals on their website, or download the YouVersion app on your phone/Kindle. She Reads Truth comes out with new Bible reading plans throughout the year, and it's easy to find them on their website or through the YouVersion app. So it's super easy and right at your clicking fingertips.

Hosea was probably my favorite. It pretty much rocked my heart. So read that :)

Thanks for reading/listening and I hope you have a great weekend!

Find the rest of the video blogs from the She Reads Truth ladies here!


  1. I love how you said you don't want to be a flower blowing in the wind, but a big tree with deep roots. Awesome! thank you for sharing:)

  2. I am visiting from the SRT linkup and I love this post/vlog. It's so easy (especially for busy mamas like us) to read a quick devotional or blog and think it sounds right or get a good feeling from it and then go on about our day. It takes a little more time, thought and energy to get in the Word for ourselves. But, SRT has been wonderful for encouraging women to get their own word from the Lord.

    Happy Saturday!

  3. I am so thankful for you!
    Thank you always for sharing your heart. For being real. And just being one of those people that point life to Jesus.

    This SRT thing is just a huge and amazing.

  4. I like you a lot. Thank you for sharing this. Love how honest you are and how determined you are to grow as a woman of God. I know he'll continue to bless that. Also? You're really good at the vlogging thing. Also? You look purty. xoxo

  5. A giant tree with deep roots! So thankful for you, Mackenzie! Thank you for sharing and being faithful and for seeking HIM!

  6. I love how candid you were, I too struggle with consistent quiet time sometimes. Your wisdom and passion are so clear and I really appreciate you sharing!

  7. I just want to tell you that I absolutely love coming to your blog and having you share about Jesus and what you are learning on this journey! I am so hungry for Him right now! In fact, last night at my little Bible study with a couple girlfriends, we were together until 1am, for 6 hours, studying and devouring His Word!

    Love the visual of being a strong tree with roots planted firmly!

    A great Bible study I just finished... No Other Gods by Kelly Minter!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this vlog! I loved all you shared. I agree that submerging myself in His word is as much for me as it is for all those I encounter. That's what ministry is supposed to be about!! Great to meet you!!

  9. Love this Mackenzie!! :)

  10. I love your vlog & your honesty about being passionate & wanting to make sure you show others Christ!! Thank you for sharing!

  11. "and I am short and I like to talk" <---- love that.
    I am so grateful that we are safe in Jesus. soooooo grateful.

  12. I love your heart! Thank you for sharing!!!

  13. Thank you! I have been blessed by SRT and am enjoying meeting everyone! God bless you as you work with YWAM, we know several people connected with this ministry!

  14. Thanks for sharing! You were saying I just kept saying amen. It's amazing what being in the word can do to transform your heart and life. Always His work in progress in our lives.


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