Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Learning While Living A Busy Life {My Favorite Current Resource!}

I'm in a season where time for intentional learning is hard to come by. It's not easy to research how to actually use my DSLR or what are quality methods for exercise, when I'm simultaneously keeping my toddler from doing a belly flop off of our couch. I've wished that I could just audit a class here and there, taught by a reliable source. (And I'm willing to bet than many of you can relate with me, whether you're busy with school, a full-time job, kiddos, etc.)

An incredible resource over the past several months has been the Influence Network, which offers live, one-hour classes every month.

Extremely varied class topics? Check. Experienced, credible teachers? Check. The ability to learn from the comfort of your own home? Check check. And a crazy low price of $10? Super duper check.

Since January I've taken 8 classes with the Influence Network, and I have been blown out of the water every time.

These classes are NOT just for bloggers (or moms). A few past class topics? Public Speaking, DSLR Basics, Tips for Moms of Little Ones, Raising Money for Your Adoption, Photoshop Basics, Studying Your Bible, Sharing the Gospel, Running an Online Shop, Social Media "Bootcamp", Grammar, Loved & Being Loved Through Loss, Nutrition & Fitness...there is something for everyone.

My favorite elements of the classes are:
- The teachers are crazy knowledgeable and love to share their passions
- Live video teaching and detailed powerpoints.
- A Q&A session at the end of class (via a text chat box that only the teacher can see!)
- The ability to chat with all of your classmates (via a text chat box), as a means to ask each other questions, form community, and discuss the lecture.
- Classes are recorded and emailed to you the same night, so if a scheduling conflict comes up or your children need you during the class, you can watch the class later.
- No one can see you, so you can take the class in your sweats or while feeding your baby. Perfect for moms!

I have truly been blessed by the classes I've taken. I've been stretched as a person, learned new skills, been challenged in my faith, encouraged as a mom, and spurred on towards the passions and people in my life. I have grown.

If you have $10, an hour on a week night, and some areas you'd like to grow in, you would be doing yourself a favor to check out the class calendar. I can't wait for the classes I'm taking this month! (The first class is tonight!)

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 You do not have to be a member of the Influence Network to take a class, though the Premium Membership gives you one free class per month!

Also, I was not asked to write about these classes, nor am I a representative for the Influence Network; I'm just a lady who has been inspired and changed by the classes I've taken, and I couldn't help but share them with you. 


  1. i love the classes too. I signed up for three this month! And I probably could have chosen even more!

  2. I love taking the classes, too. They are such a great format and resource! It is so hard to choose each month which class(es) I will take. I loved reading your thoughts and experience!

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I will definitely be checking them out!


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