Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Not Much, But This Is What I've Got

I often worry that I don't have enough to give.
I sometimes feel like I don't have much capacity to bless other people.
I don't have a lot of time. I don't have much money. I'm not extremely creative.

I look at the "bigger" things that other women are doing; then I look at my one-hour-alone during nap time, or my hands that are typically full of whatever sharp object that I've just wrestled away from Nicholas. 
What do I actually possess that could be a blessing?

This past week I had the chance to chat with two friends/mentor ladies in my life, and they both said something similar to me, along the lines of:
When I ask God about what He's placed in my hands, this is what He shows me:

- I have a home, albiet tiny and messy - just invite someone in.

- I have a kitchen table and meal already planned for dinner - just make a place for one more.

- I (currently) have sunshine and a stroller at my disposal - just take my daily walk and be open to the conversations that may happen along the way.

- I have a mound of dishes to wash after Nicholas goes to bed, giving me 20 minutes to just think - use this time to pray for a hurting friend.

- I have an extrovert of a toddler - just take him to the grocery store or to your husband's office and let him light up someone's day.

- I have 5 minutes - write an email to that friend who you just couldn't get out of your head all day.

We have a lot more at our disposal than we think. This isn't about doing more - it's about seeing what God has given us, whether mighty or small, and letting Him use it. We truly never know the depth of how we might serve someone through these tiny offerings.

I'm challenging myself to ask this question.


  1. I love this post! A year ago, I was asking myself the same question, when I realized I have mommy time after the kiddos go to bed, a serious love of food (especially dessert), and so many people in my life to love on. So Bake Somebody Happy was born and I am so thankful to see how God is working through my small, humble offerings.

  2. Thanks for this. It's very timely. Just on Tuesday I was meeting with a group of mums that get together and pray and we were talking about this exact thing. What do we have to give? What can we do with our little time & energy? I've been thinking about it all week. These are some simple and great ideas. Best of all, you asked God and he answered. When I've had the same conversation with God, I feel him say to me that I need to be look around the room/ the shopping centre/ the preschool/ wherever I may be, with his eyes. Who needs a loving word, a smile or a helping hand today? It's all about the little things sometimes isn't it?


  3. Thanks for that Mackenzie - I needed to hear that today:-)

  4. Oh you, always writing sweet truths. Thanks friend.


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