Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In These Days...

In these days of finding rocks in my coat pocket, goldfish cracker trails on the floor, and toys in my purse, I am learning to be grateful for things I've never noticed before.

In these days of a toddler taking very short naps, of cooking attempts gone awry, and little hands pulling on my jeans for more attention, I'm learning that I have never really been in control.

In these days of to-do lists that are filled with many more items to-do than items already done, I'm learning that a meaningful life has nothing to do with accomplishments.

In these days of catching up over texts and distraction-filled playdates, I'm learning that friendships have seasons, and that's ok.

In these days of sippy cups, "UP, mama!", and stacking blocks for the 100th time, I'm learning that ever person is incredibly valuable, no matter how much they can do for me.

In these days of once-a-month date nights and quick kisses before work, I'm learning that commitment and believing in each other makes marriage go a long way.

In these days of interrupted prayers, quick flips through my Bible, and podcasts paused but rarely re-started, I'm learning that performance has no place in my relationship with Christ. I'm learning that He is for me, that His presence doesn't depend on my faithfulness, and that He just really, really loves.

What are you learning from the season you're in?

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  1. I love this. I'm learning to listen to God more readily and to be grateful for the season I am in currently. The days I get anxious about getting engaged, I remind myself that this season is for Jesus and giving Him my all so that I can give my all to my husband one day. LOVE.

  2. I've written a blog post about this to be posted sometime next week...I ma learning to be patient and content, even when life is not full of excitement.

    I love that picture of Nicholas poking your eye :P and the bottom left one of him - ha ha

  3. Beautiful! I love the way you write. I am learning to embrace the season God has me in and to not look too far ahead or back but to see the beauty in the midst of the daily life. I also think that being a mum has taught me a lot about patience, humbleness & trust in God

  4. I love this so much! And love all the sweet and silly pictures. The Lord is teaching me to be thankful for all the little things that I do have and not being ungrateful for those that I don't. I'm learning even though its difficult that that marriage isn't about being together all the time and being hopelessly romantic every second we're together. It's about living life together, loving each other in the moments we do have, and lifting each other up when we fall.


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