Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exercise After Having A Baby {A Little Grace for the Mamas}

To kick off this little series, I'm going to tell you about the first time I exercised after having Nicholas.

A doctor will generally tell you to wait at least six weeks after you've had a c-section to begin exercising. I may have stretched that time frame out just a little bit. I didn't workout again until Nicholas was five months old. And by "again", I mean I worked out twice during my pregnancy and not at all before. So "again" might be a little generous.

I had recently discovered the wonders of Pinterest, especially for keeping myself awake at 3am. One morning while browsing, I found a short workout routine that looked interesting. I pinned it for later, thinking it would be a great way begin exercising "again."

The next day I was ready to try this little workout routine. I got Nicholas situated on the floor, I changed into some sweats, and put on some fun music. I was ready to get rid of that post-baby flab! I pulled the Pin up onto my computer, and looked over the routine.

10 high knees
20 jumping jacks
15 squats
20 alternating lunges

I got my hair all up in a ponytail, took a swig from my water bottle, and began the exciting journey to lose my baby weight.

I got 10 high knees and 5 jumping jacks in before my middle section was in searing pain. I doubled over, panted from being pathetically out of breath, and sat on the floor next to Nicholas. And that was my first workout post baby.

Turns out high knees are not the way to start exercising after having a c-section. I hadn't really clued into that, but apparently my husband knew because you should have seen the look on his face when I told him what happened. I took a little break from that routine, and started up again...last week. (Nicholas is now 16 months old.) I'm lifting two pound weights and doing some push ups. Yeah, I'm  pretty serious about getting back into shape.

So while I give all sorts of props to the mamas who start working out two weeks after their babies are born, don't be too hard on yourself if it takes you a little while. And definitely, definitely don't start with the high knees.

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  1. Hey Mackenzie,

    Ha, I really need to start working out too, but my boy is 8 months so I guess I still have 8 months before I need to start ;) .
    I love this series you've started. Us mama's could really use some grace once in a while.
    I just wrote a post about body image after pregnancy, because I have a feeling that so many mama's think they need to look perfect right after giving birth, which is a lie.
    Maybe you'd like to check it out?

    Have a great day,

  2. Mackenzie, I don't know if this is wrong, but I giggled a little reading this post... I love your honesty about not exercising as regularly as you should. I am the same (except I haven't had a baby)...I just wish, wish, wish that I was one of those people who loved exercise. Good work on even giving it a shot- slow and steady wins the race ;)

  3. I have to apologize ahead... I definitely giggled aloud. Its funny the things we learn after the fact :) Love your posts as always!


  4. Hehe! I loved this so much!!!!

    I am {occasionally} doing prenatal yoga/Pilates but I have never truly worked out (besides a few months before my wedding).
    I probably won't work out after baby for awhile too haha,

    You inspire me!


  5. Working out feels a lot like torture to me. I hope I feel better about it when I get an elliptical :)

  6. I had a terrible time after my csection with working out. I really needed to but there was always this terrible pull with anything too workout-ish. I started with hip hop abs and it helped so much.


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