Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April for Nicholas and I :: Challenge and Change

I'm sitting here scratching my head a little bit as I realize that tomorrow is May

April was full of challenge and full of change. Challenge not in terms of facing adversity, but rather feeling challenged to grow. I saw a few areas in my life where I needed to slow down a little, or pay more attention, or de-clutter. So this month I've been asking the Lord to help me grow - because I cannot do it on my own. I'll probably share more about some of these challenges as May rolls in. And maybe taking on these opportunities for growth will cause me to change, too.

The master of change in our house this month? Sir Nicholas. 
Apparently 30 days was all he needed to go from not-so-sure-footed toddler to a full-blown RUNNING, talking boy. He spits out new words everyday (my current favorite is "da-dar" for guitar), he climbs on everything, and has stick-carrying and rock-throwing down pat. I am continually amazed at the spunky, sweet, and silly personality that oozes out of this boy. And his ever independent spirit may have contributed to the challenge part of my month :) I'm learning how to be a mom of a toddler, which comes with SO MANY joys, and some struggles too. But you can't stay mad for too long after a tantrum when your son opens his arms wide and says "mama, up!" He steals my heart every time.

May, I hope I'm ready for your challenges. I'm grateful that the Lord will be with me in these days to come, and I hope to end this next month having grown and changed even more. 

How was April for you?
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  1. I can relate to so many of your post about being a mama! Thanks for sharing your joys and struggles of being a mama to a toddler, I enjoy reading them! My little girl turns 15 months tomorrow! There are so many wonderful things she is discovering, and learning, and this age is so much fun...yet exhausting! Pretty sure she thinks she is invincible as she constantly tries to walk off the edge of steps, porches, swing sets...etc! God just keep laying it on my heart to enjoy watching her grow and to show her God's love through every day activities! Can't wait to see what May holds!

  2. Isn't it crazy how fast they pick up running?!

    I love his word, "da-dar"! :)

  3. I feel like April definitely stretched me. I had to step out in a few things and really trust that the Lord knew what He was doing and sought His guidance in a few things. Now this month I am starting to see some fruit from trusting Him...He really does got this thing under control!


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