Monday, April 8, 2013

A Little Grace for the Mamas

Whether you're a regular Life of a Pint-Sized Mama reader or you stumbled across my blog for the first time today, I hope that it's easy to see that I like to keep things real around here.

- I am not the perfect mom. I have unrealistic expectations of my 16 month old, I get frustrated easily, and I ignore when instead I should discipline. (That's not an exclusive list, by the way.)

- I literally don't remember the last time I mopped my floor. No joke.

- I don't have life with Jesus figured out, and I often strive when I should just be still.

- I yell at my husband, I talk too much, and please never go into my bedroom because it's the "oh crap, people are coming over, hide everything under the bed" kind of room.

- And most of the pictures I take end up looking something like this:

I try think carefully about the words and even the pictures that go on this blog. Am I trying to share a perfect life? Am I aiming to inspire women to lean on God's grace, all the while putting out an image that I've somehow arrived? I sure hope not. And I'm truly sorry if I've ever done that. 

I try to consider this even when posting a recipe. Cooking is so not my forte, and just thinking about food can stress me out. So the reason I share recipes is for women (like me) who don't easily find their way around the kitchen. I never want to post recipes to try to fool my readers into thinking I'm a domestic goddess. Truly, frozen pizza is my saving grace.

So coming up, I'm starting a series called "A Little Grace for the Mamas." I'll be sharing some funny, and some serious, moments where I've needed grace. Or still need grace. Or maybe I'll give a little grace to the mom who needs to receive it. I hope it blesses you, and I hope it continues to challenge me to lean only on Jesus. I'm pretty much a basket case without Him.
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  1. What a great idea. I think blogs all to often make us wonder how everyone else has it so together while we sit in the middle of our own crazy life and wonder why we are failing at being so perfect. I think your blog is always really balanced, you share your trials and your tribulations, and that makes you far more real.
    I'll look forward to reading this little series of yours. X

  2. I just love how real you are. Your blog always speaks right to the heart.

  3. i appreciate your heart. and yes.. there is MUCH grace.
    i don't know where i would be without it. because i am in the same boat as you with many things.. don't remember the last time i mopped our floors - our room is a total disaster and our dishes are flooding both sinks. and i don't even have kids.

    so thank you for being real. thank you for expressing that there IS grace!

  4. Sounds fantastic! I bet it'll translate surprisingly well to this non-Mom.

  5. I love that picture of you and Nicholas! It's so cute! And he's getting so big :)

  6. so thankful for grace and imperfect progress!
    great photo ;)


  7. Hehe, I was also that person who could not remember when I last mopped the floor! I would still be if not for the fact that we are living with my parents lol. Thanks for the grace!

  8. I just stumbled on your blog through I think like 5 other blogs! you are a breath of fresh air and this post was exactly what my weary mama soul needed right now! :) my son is 17 mos and I can relate w everything you said!


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