Monday, April 1, 2013

A (Fun, Easy & Worthwhile) Challenge for the Mamas

You guys, I am a do-er. I love to accomplish things because it makes me feel important. What's even
better is that Nicholas has just gotten to the age where he can play independently. I practically twiddle my fingers together with a maniacal grin just thinking about all the things I can get done as he plays. (Insert evil villain laugh here.)

Don't worry, I see the waving red flag. My value doesn't come from what I can accomplish, and I'm working on that one with the Lord. But I've begun to realize that my do-er-ness doesn't just effect me - it's seeping over onto Nicholas, too. Lately his independent play time has become my time to try to get everything in the world accomplished. This means that I easily become frustrated with him if toys aren't enough to entertain him, because mama's got a lot of important stuff to do.

So I recently gave myself a little challenge: Just sit and watch him play. Just enjoy all the things that make him him. Put down the to-do list, close the computer, and resist the urge to Instagram your "together time." Just be, just watch. Your sticky kitchen floors can wait a few minutes.

I cannot tell you how incredible this "watching time" has been.

When my hands are full of doing and my eyes only have time to glance at him, I didn't take in Nicholas' little nuisances. I miss the careful way he turns the pages of a book, and the way he cocks his head while he concentrates on stacking blocks. When I just enjoy him with no agenda, the time ticks away without me even noticing. And this is the stuff I will miss someday. This is worth setting all my "important" mama stuff aside for a few minutes of truly enjoying my son.

So moms, today I'm giving you the same challenge. Even if you're up to your elbows in paying the bills or spring cleaning, take some time to just watch. Just enjoy. Soak up your child's funny nuisances and take in who they are. You'll find that the more you do this, the more you can't wait until the next time you get to just watch. Keep giving them independent time to play, because that is important for both of you; but don't forget to just enjoy who they are too. Your kids will love it, and it will change you.

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  1. New to posting here! Just wanted to say I love this post and can totally relate! Such an important reminder to just BE, and soak up all their goodness! I always remind myself that even when I am rocking my little girl back to sleep (when she really should be sleeping) that someday I am going to miss this!

  2. oh girl. this is so good. something ive been convicted about lately. I feel like i was so better about it with abigail but not as much with bethany. thanks for the sweet reminder. love you! PS just realized i owe you a text,, sorry! love to you soon girl!

  3. This is such wonderful advice and so true! Someday we mamas will miss this time. I accept your challenge. ;)

  4. Hi Mackenzie! I'm new here, visiting through a link Alana at Grace-ful Intentions posted on facebook. This is a great challenge! I constantly need to be reminded to watch my kids be kids and just appreciate them, so thank you! Have a great day!

  5. Man so needed to be reminded of that today!Thank you!My Nan always told me to enjoy these pre-school years because they go by so quickly,and I know I found I just got busy with,really,non-important stuff and I missed out.Now my oldest is 5 and at school so Im finding anytime get with her and her younger sister I am trying to remember to just enjoy them :) They'll be teens before I know it lol.

    -oh and I LOVE your blog!


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