Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Few Pieces of Me

My hope for this space on the internet is that I can encourage and inspire my readers. But I never want to appear as someone who has it all together. Or pretend that I'm not totally quirky - because I definitely am. So along with my thoughts on mommyhood or faith, I'm going to keep sharing the little pieces that make up my quirky, real, funny life. 

My friend Erika asked me to share a few facts about myself and answer a some fun questions, and I thought that would be a good opportunity to show you some of my "behind the scenes." So here goes!

ONE: When pregnant with Nicholas, pictures of my gigantor belly on my tiny body made several grown men scream. So there’s that.
TWO: My university experience was one year of studying youth ministry.
THREE: My first concert was NSYNC, and I totally cried. I was 10 or 11.
FOUR: I am a DIEHARD fan of “The Office.” An example of this would be that the only part of my birth plan for my labor with Nicholas was to watch an episode or two. Michael Scott really helped me through those contractions.
FIVE: I'm a cry-er - and I'm finally ok with it. 
SIX: Every pair of pants I own are from the kid’s department. (Except for my old maternity pants. They don’t make those for children. THANK GOD.) I had to shrink my maternity pants in the wash several times, and they were still baggy.
SEVEN: My twin brother and I look nothing alike. You’d be surprised how many people ask us if we are identical though, even though that’s physically impossible.
EIGHT: Although I pretty much hate adventure, I traveled to 7 countries outside of the U.S. from ages 20 to 24 It was very stretching for me, but I’m grateful for how I grew through those experiences.
NINE: I have man hands. People expect me to have really small hands because of my height, but then I bust out my extra long fingers and it scares even me.
TEN: Every time I put a pair of closed-toed shoes on, I turn them over and shake them to make sure that no spiders are lurking inside. Montana has gnarly spiders.
ELEVEN: My sister is a gorgeous, super smart, 5’8” tall brunette; I am an overly-chatty, 4’8” blonde. And we’re best of friends (who had babies 19 days apart!, one brunette and one blonde.)

ONE: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
To be truly creative. I have a very linear mind and don’t think conceptually whatsoever. I hate brainstorming, because all I can see is the practical reasons those ideas won’t work. I’d love to be able to visualize and see things “in my mind”, but I guess I’ve got a different skill set!

TWO: What inspires you or brings you joy?
I am so inspired when I see people truly living their passions, whatever they might be - being a parent, becoming a nurse, painting beautiful pictures, bringing food to a sick neighbor...etc. When I see people living out their passions, it inspires me to live out my God given dreams too.

THREE: In what ways has blogging helped to change you?
I feel a little exposed saying this, but blogging has helped me to see how much I honestly compare myself to others and want approval from people. So I’m trying to work on that :)

FOUR: Favorite book?
One of my favorites is “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”* by Donald Miller. Inspiring, funny, and really makes you think about if you’re 'living a good story”. Highly recommend it.

FIVE: Where would you go if you could travel without any limitations? 
Thailand. The food, the friendly people, the scenery, the beaches...oh man. Did I say the food? I’ve been twice and would LOVE to go again. 

SIX: What has been a growing experience for you in the past year?
Everyday of my life as a mom :) It's not that every day is bad, not at all - but as you can see from what I write about on my blog, it's a huge learning experience!

SEVEN: How many times have you moved?
Moved states  - 3 times. (From California to Seattle when I was 2, from Seattle to Hawaii when I was 21, and then Hawaii to Montana right before I was 22.)
Moved apartments/homes - 7 in the last 5 years.

EIGHT: Do you have a favorite quote?
Every line that Michael Scott has ever uttered on “The Office.”

NINE: If you could go back in time to witness a historical event, what would it be?
The day I got a bowl cut in 4th grade. Maybe that’s not a historic event, but I would go back in time and steal the scissors from the hairstylist so that people wouldn’t ask me if I was a boy or a girl for the next 4 years.

TEN: What would you like to learn more about in the Bible?
I really want to learn more about parenting in the Bible. I’m looking for some good books to read or passages to study, if anyone has any recommendations! :)

ELEVEN: How will today matter five years from now?
I think the little things you do daily add up over time, and make you into the person you are. (Your though patterns, how you treat people, the times you spend with the Lord, etc.) So my little choices today really do matter for who I will be in the future.

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I'd love to hear some of the little things that make you you!


  1. Haha - identical twins? "Yeah, we're both the same gender and height, obviously..." I'm pretty sarcastic, so that's the first thing that pops into my head...

  2. Ah, I am so happy to have read this! You are too funny :). My first (and only) concert was JUMP5. My dad took a group of us from the church there, and he was the only one who knew a lot of the songs and dance moves.

    I think I have a new appreciation for your honesty. I love that there are some things you can choose to be upset about or laugh it off – and you choose the latter. I feel like you would get along with my dear friend Sharee very well. She was my DTS leader and has been on staff with YWAM Kona / Honolulu for the past ten years. ( + You both inspire me so much to have a very special perspective on life. I love that.

    And that picture of you when little? Classic.

  3. First... who in the heck is NSYNC? Why do I not remember who that band is??
    Secondly... I have never noticed your "man hands". But now I want to see them. ;)
    Thirdly... you forgot to mention that you too are GORGEOUS along with your sis.

  4. We have some things in common... I LOVE The Office as well. I cried, and I mean *cried* on the episode when Michael Scott left. :( It's just not the same without him.

    I cry all the time too. Gosh, today I have cried so much! {Sigh... that's me though. :)}

    And, the spiders here in MT... I hate them! The girls are always running to me screaming about them. I am trying to teach them to be brave and smack them with their shoe. Now, I have learned that some of these black ones are dangerous I guess, so I am actually kind of freaked out by them.


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