Monday, March 11, 2013

Ordinary Days & Time to Listen {A Little Break}

It's Sunday night as I write this, and I have so much stirring in my heart and in my mind.

As I look over the past three weeks that I've been in Washington visiting family and friends, my heart is so full. Nicholas and I have had a ton of fun bouncing around to visit different people, while Brian has been out of the country on a missions trip. (He gets home tomorrow - YIPEE!!!) Nicholas has giggled with his grandmas, I was able to see many close friends whom I dearly treasure, and I got to spend time at my favorite place in Washington - Trader Joe's! :)

These days in Washington have also given me some time to inspect my heart and to have meaningful conversations with God and with some close friends. I'm not totally sure how to explain what God has begun to do in my heart, but I can say that He's doing something. All I was expecting from this trip was to be chasing after my speedracer toddler who has an affinity for bruising every inch of his body, but God had other plans. I'm so grateful that He reaches into the seemingly ordinary-ness of our lives. (And for those wondering, I did a lot of toddler chasing, but most of it was in vain. Nicholas' sweet little face is covered in bruises, despite my best diving-to-catch efforts. Boys are going to be boys, I guess.)

Part of what the Lord has been challenging me with is this blog and my place in the social media world. I want to take some good time to chew on what He's been saying, and to continue to place the words that He's given to me into His hands. So for the rest of this month, this space might be a little quiet.

I only ever want this blog to encourage and inspire my readers, and I only ever want to write what God puts on my heart. I think taking time to evaluate every once in awhile is a really healthy thing, so that's what I'll be doing over the next few weeks.

I'll probably still be Tweeting and sharing some on Facebook, as well as sharing my life on Instagram. You can always reach me at mackenzie {at} pintsizedmama {dot} com. And I'll be taking some awesome classes through the Influence Network this month too!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of March, and I hope that you enjoy life as God reaches into your ordinary days.
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  1. I wish we had gotten to chat more about this! I'll be praying for you and your blog :).

  2. I really love your heart toward God and toward your blog. I love that you want to be sure you are God-honoring with your words and posts. That is refreshing :)

  3. love you friend, so much, Just want you to know that you are a breath of fresh air to this community. :)


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