Thursday, March 7, 2013

Me, You, and Freedom (And Some Great Music, Too!)

I know this feeling all too well: you face the hurt and the pain of this world, and you feel paralyzed. You see the hungry, the enslaved, the sick, and it overwhelms your heart.

Upon hearing about the millions of orphans in Africa, or the booming sex industry in Asia, I've asked myself many times, "there are so many hurting people in the world - what could I do to actually help? What can one person do to change these huge problems? Where do I even start?"

I don't have an answer for all of these problems. But I do know that God cares for the broken and the hurting. And I do know that while He doesn't ask me to change the entire world, He does give me opportunities to affect change in small ways.

I want to share one such opportunity with you today. For $10 you can take part in literally freeing slaves! And you'll receive some beautiful music in the process. Read on to learn more:
My incredibly talented sister and twin brother have put together an album of 5 hymns, and are giving all of the proceeds to the International Justice Mission. When you purchase their album, "the power is in your hands to help stop traffickers, slave owners, and other criminals."* 

IJM, a human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression, not only works with local officials to give immediate rescue and aftercare to victims of these crimes, but also prosecutes the perpetrators to see that the public justice systems effectively protect the poor.**

In other words?

Slaves are freed and cared for, and oppressors are brought to justice.

My sister and brother are hoping to raise $4,500 from this campaign. This amount covers the average cost of one sex trafficking rescue operation. Will you consider donating towards this cause through purchasing an album? (You can also donate without the purchase of an album.)

I'm so excited to share this opportunity with you today because together we have the chance to literally change lives! And the music is pretty darn good, too.

Purchase the album HERE. Donate without purchasing an album HERE. Learn more about IJM HERE.

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**Paraphrased from IJM's website

::           ::          ::          ::          ::          ::          ::          ::          ::          ::

Also, in honor of International Women's Day, FashionABLE is offering FREE SHIPPING on their new, beautiful, spring scarf line! This offer for free shipping ends today. Click HERE to check it out!
(FashionABLE helps to create sustainable business for women in Africa.)

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  1. Wow, I love this!! What a wonderful way to raise funds. I am listening to the music right now and I just LOVE it. Your siblings are so talented. Definitely purchasing it right now! :)

  2. I listened to all of the songs your brother and sister did! They are amazing!! It is beautiful to see such talent being used to glorify and serve such a great God!


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