Thursday, March 28, 2013

Completely (Out of the) Ordinary

I always seem to plan for the ordinary. When I wake up in the morning, my head already buzzing with the day's schedule, I feel like I generally know how things are going to go. I see the tasks and the familiar routines and the things to accomplish.

When I started planning for the trip that my family took to Washington (we've been home now for two weeks), I planned as I usually would. Brian was going out of the country for two of those weeks, so I planned on Nicholas and I being in a bit of a survival mode. I knew that Brian would have a great time doing ministry, and I kind of saw this time as "his" trip. Nicholas and I were just going to fill up our time, see sweet friends who we don't get to see very often, and eat a lot of Asian food. Or so I thought.

Before I went down my ordinary line of thought, I felt the Lord whisper to my heart. I ended up jotting down, "I don't think the Lord would give me this 3 week time in Washington without planning to meet me there, and grow me there."

Suddenly this trip wasn't just about visiting people and eating the foods that we miss out on in Montana.   It became "my" trip. It became me + Jesus (+ Nicholas), ready to tackle the glorious unknown set before me. What could God do in these 3 (which turned into 4) weeks?

As the weeks played out, there was a lot of people seeing and hugging. There was a lot of face stuffing. And in the middle of it all, God met me. As Nicholas and I watched TV in the wee hours of the morning, missing Brian together. As my sister and I set our kids loose at a children's museum. As my girlfriends and I poured our hearts out to each other in frozen yogurt shops and at Starbucks. (Yup, I sobbed like a baby at 10pm, at a fro-yo shop. Totally normal.) God was there, changing my heart and showing me more of His love for people.

My beautiful sister and her beautiful boys

Life happened mostly as I thought it would, but God was there. It kind of makes me wonder - what if I expected Him the same way during all my other ordinary days? While I fold tiny laundry or type up a recipe blog post, or go on a (much needed) date with my husband?

I think I'm excited for tomorrow. Just an ordinary day.

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  1. :) It was so lovely getting to connect with you!!! I'm glad showed up on your trip too!


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