Monday, February 4, 2013

For the Ladies

I come to you this Monday morning feeling grateful, humbled, and challenged. 
(And a little sore from both laughing and crying so hard.)

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a women's retreat, alongside of
50+ ladies from the mission's training base that my family serves with. 
Beautiful view  I  The comfiest bed in the coziest room  I  This is what a full night of sleep looks like

Though I want to let most of what I learned this weekend simmer in my heart for awhile, I just want to share a couple things for us as ladies (and I'm talking to myself just as much as to anyone else):

1. Vulnerability may cause us to lose a little bit of control, but what we gain is FAR greater

2. We disqualify ourselves far too quickly. When we accept Christ into our lives, the God who created the universe lives inside of us. So though we feel inadequate, He enables us. I don't want to miss a chance to love and bless someone, just because I think I'm not good enough to be used by God. Jesus is what makes me "good enough."

3. We need other women. It doesn't have to be a group of 50, either - maybe it's a mentor, a sister, a small group, or a friend. But we NEED each other. "We are better together than we are apart." 

4. Finally - it's a good thing to remember what year you were born. That way when you're sharing your heart in front of a group of women, you won't tell them all that you've been "crying since 1981", when really you were born in 1987. I was trying to exaggeratedly explain that I had been crying all weekend, and I forget what year I was born in the process. Thanks, brain, for thinking so quickly under pressure.
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  1. Just in case you forgot, I love you SO much. SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

  2. ohhh these are GOOD! i feel like i want to write them down on post it's and put them everywhere to remind me!

    sounds like it was an awesome weekend!!! thanks for sharing a little bit of it with us women! :)

    love you girl!

  3. super good recap. Thanks Mackenzie! Haha I loved your "crying since 1981" comment, that was hilarious!


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