Friday, February 8, 2013

For Ladies, Tiny Ladies, and Tiny Men (& A Happy Birthday!)

Here are a few things I've found on the internets recently that would just be cruel if I didn't share them with you. (And a few of them would be great for Valentine's Day!)  There's something here for the ladies, for your favorite tiny lady, and for your favorite tiny little man.

If you're not a list-making, calendar-keeping type of gal, you will be when you see these beauties.

My personal favorite gunmetal gold scarf from FashionABLE. 

This devotional had me crying tears of joy and tears of "finally, I get it!" Highly recommend it.

I am in love with this flannel scarf from Suzie Studios!

"You're Exactly My Type" typography card from Red Letter Paper Co.

I thought this was a cute article about what it's like to be pregnant :)

These Valentine's Day recipes that are literally making my mouth water as I type this:

I. Love. This. Print.

This headband screams to me, "have a daughter NOW!!!"

Just a tiny Calvin Klein sweat suitcovered in what looks like hand-drawn hearts. That's all.

This would look so cute in Nicholas' room!

striped v-neck. For my toddler. Yes, please. (If I had a tad more $ to spend on his wardrobe.)

If only Nicholas' head was still this small.

I need these jammies for Nicholas like yesterday.

And to one of my favorite tiny little men:
I love you my sweet nephew! I am so grateful for your life. 
I love your cheerful, energetic spirit and I will forever cherish the memory of you and Nicholas chasing each other down Grandma Nina's hallway. I pray that you will know Jesus from an early age, and that you will grow up knowing just how LOVED you are. And I hope that you and Nicholas and Sam will be buds like the three musketeers. I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!
Happy birthday Ralph!

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