Monday, February 11, 2013

Embracing the Unique

I am often stared at with quizzical eyes.
I have been mistaken for my son's babysitter, older sister, and aunt. 
I'm too small for most adult clothes, but I'm way too old for the amount of sparkles on most kids clothes.
A few times a month someone asks me how old I am, how tall I am, or how much I weigh. 
And Subway countertops. Why do you have to be so darn high?

My life at 4'8" tall can be interesting. It can come with some difficult moments - and some really fun ones, too.

I'm easy to lose in a crowd, but my height makes me hard to forget.
I'm a great candidate to travel with because I take up barely any room.
Kids clothes and shoes are pretty cheap.
I'm quite approachable, seeing as I'm about as intimidating as your 10-year-old little sister.
I am an expert at climbing onto counters, fitting into small spaces, and purchasing step-stools.

Though being a bit different can be funny, on the hard days, I'm tempted to be cynical. Somedays I REALLY want to take offense to the questions and the stares. But I'm learning to look at my life, and the strange things that may come with it, as a gift.

Because let's face it, I'm not going to get any taller. I'll probably always cause people to do a double-take and wonder how I'm related to Nicholas. And squeezing into children's Levi's is not going to get any easier as I age (and as I have more babies).

BUT - this is who I am. This is the life I've been given and this is the way that God made me. I'll bet there's a lot more joy that comes with embracing the uniqueness of who I am, than in holding onto what I'm not. 

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What makes you unique? How have you learned to embrace the good and the bad that sometimes comes with being "different?" What could God want to say to you today about how He made you?

A Royal Daughter


  1. This is SO so so so so so beautiful Mackenzie. I'm serious. I'm so encouraged and inspired, and truly motivated to start loving myself for who God has made me.
    I don't know what God would say. Or maybe I do but I'm not sure if I'm ready to hear it from Him.
    Thank you for sharing. Let's chat soon okay?

  2. Stephanie @lifecreatedFebruary 11, 2013 at 11:37 AM

    So great! You are such a nice and wise reading your posts.

  3. You are God's masterpiece! I adore your spunk and wisdom, together. And seriously- the countertops at Subway are ridiculous.

    Praying for contentment and peace for you, love!

  4. I love this sweet friend. You are a beauty, inside and out!

  5. I love this, Mackenzie! I've learned to embrace my uniqueness too. Sometime it's hard, but hey - I figure God makes us unique for a reason, right? Excellent post, as always!! You're amazing, and I love you.

  6. My husband and I just had this discussion yesterday... I often find myself saying I am not an Engineer and comparing myself to what I am not, instead of thinking how I AM a Designer and seeing the positive in that... or how I wish I was running, instead of being thankful that I AM walking... taking the focus off the negative is so important for our soul.
    Being perfect or even creating that image of ourselves doesn't make us relatable, how would that affect "missions"... I hope that makes sense! You are so right to focus on who you are, wise!
    And huge congrats on a "walker" in your house... your back will be so happy!

  7. Love this. I am small too. And I often really struggle with it. You see I am married to one very tall husband and it just makes me self-conscious at times. But I need to start working on this. I need to give myself a whole lot of grace and remember I am the way God intended me to be. Thanks for being comfortable enough in your own skin to share your battles.


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