Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All the Sudden & Out Of Nowhere

All the sudden I am no longer the mama to a baby. I'm the mama to a big ol' boy.

The tongue out is for balance. Or aerodynamics. I'm not sure which one.

That's right, Nicholas is full on walking. It happened just like I thought it would. One moment I was sitting on my couch chatting with a friend, and out of nowhere Nicholas just stands up and starts walking across the living room. My girlfriend and I immediately dropped our conversation and cheered on this happy, toddling boy.

 I wish I could have captured the sheer joy and pride on this boy's face; it's a moment I'll never forget.

Maybe it's the walking and all the new things Nicholas is learning, but this week I can't stop myself from saying "he is getting SO big!" over and over again to my husband.

These cheeks and these lashes. My heart.

I call this Nicholas' "chilling at the side of the hot tub" look. 
I know, I'm a weird mom.

And a grainy iPhone pic for good measure.

This week I've watched my son proudly stroll across our home. I've heard "hi mama" for the first time, witnessed him learning to "pound it" with his fist, and received a lot of kisses. Oh time, please don't go too fast. I never want to take any of these precious moments for granted. Thank you Lord that I get to be the mama to this incredible little boy. 

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  1. Congrats to your little on! My son is 16 months and it so weird to me that I am a mommy to a toddler and not a baby anymore.

  2. every time i see pictures of heart melts because he would be such a great little buddy for my micah james. love nicholas' sweet rosy cheeks.

    my mind is blown lately watching micah walk around because they grow so stinking fast!

    ps. love nicholas' "chilling at the side of the hottub" look!


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