Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To the Tired, Weary, Hopeful Mom

To the mom who lacks purpose.

To the mom who feels like she's not doing enough.

To the mom who wishes she could do more, give more, be more.

To the mom who hopes her life's work amounts to more than the occasionally bathed child.

To the mom who feels like her dreams might be trapped under a pile of wooden blocks and laundry.

To myself. To my tired body and my eager heart. To me, as I face myself in the mirror every morning:

Your job is of incredible significance.

You mean more to your children than they know how to express.

You are a teacher, a friend, a role model, and reflection of the heart of God.

Your job is an opportunity to daily learn humility, service, patience, and gratefulness.

You will look back in not too many years and wish that there was a mountain of tiny laundry to fold.

Your lack of sleep, desperate prayers, sea of tears, and countless apologies will someday all be worth it. 
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  1. Such a beautiful post. It doesn't hurt any of us to remind ourselves of the significance of what we do as parents, because it can be so easy to get bogged down in it sometimes. I'm sure this post will really lift up lots of mamas. X

  2. you are always so encouraging, mackenzie!
    i'm not a momma yet, but lord willing someday will be - and i know that you are a blessing to those who are and are not mommas!

    remember that the lord IS using you in wonderful, wonderful ways and that you are one fabulous momma to that precious babe of yours!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

  4. Very well said. Thank you for this post.


  5. Thank you for this, I really needed it today.

  6. It seems as with your last few posts that we are in the same season of life. Thank you for the encouraging post =)


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