Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little Events

It's amazing the things that you celebrate once you become a parent. Events that once seemed mundane suddenly become a huge deal, and I kind of like that! Over the last two weeks we've had two events to celebrate in our family: Nicholas got his first haircut and took his first steps!

Nicholas had his first hair cut on New Year's Day! This was a slight point of contention in our house as I was hoping for a hair cut, but Brian likes to imagine a 3-year-old Nicholas sportin' surfer like long hair. The deciding factor for the hair cut was that Nicholas was starting to resemble a wild animal, so even Brian decided it was time. I am very proud of Brian's skills with clippers and hair cutting shears though! He proudly took on the role of barber while I managed to get Nicholas to sit (mostly) still in my lap for a few minutes. Here's a little before and after:

Did I save some of his hair in an envelope? Yes. Is that weird? Maybe. But I bet I will love that memory when Nicholas is all grown up. He'll probably still think it's creepy, and that's ok with me.

Nicholas also took his first steps on Christmas Day! Our family usually misses out on Nicholas' milestones becuase we live two states away, so it was extra special to have Nicholas walk for the first time when Brian's mom was watching. Nicholas' new hobby is to (very proudly) show off how he can stand on his own. He's gotten up to 4 steps without any help from us, and you bet I cheer him on during every one of those steps. (Am I going to be that mom at his sports games? Yikes.)

Proud pose! He wasn't leaning on the box, I promise :)

Thanks for celebrating with me the little (but big!) events in our home. Being a mama sure is a privilege, one that I hope to never take for granted.

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  1. Well, he definitely chose a great moment to take his first steps. You'll never forget the date. Plus he had a great audience to watch him.
    I was really emotional when my little boy had his first hair cut for some reason, and I kept a little envelope with a lock of his hair in too. I know I'll be glad I did in years to come, but you're right and he'll probably find me a bit freaky! Hehe.

    Lucy x

  2. too stinkin cute... Nicholas just makes me happy! And I would totally save hair in an envelope too :)

  3. This is so sweet Mackenzie!! He is the most handsome little man. He was putting such a smile on my face as I was reading this post this morning :)

  4. I love that you saved his hair and I'm sure he will think it's totally creepy one day. You have a precious family, I love seeing your pictures.

  5. He *is* getting big! And what a cutie too! I bet it makes your mama heart burst with pride, and a little sad all at the same time.

  6. first thing. his hair cut is adorable!! he looks like a little man :) second thing. I kept hair from my daughters first hair cut. it's normal. ;) haha

  7. first thing. his hair cut is adorable! he looks like a little man! :) second. I kept hair from my daughter's first hair cut. I think it's normal. haha.


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