Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Apology, My Rowdy Boy, and My Mom Heart

I'm starting this post off with an apology (but I'm making up for it with adorable photos): I'm sorry for the lack of "meat" this week on my blog. Every morning this week I'm working in the office of our missions organization, so I'm trying to focus the remaining time at home on my family/house work, instead of on writing. Though I really do value writing posts that are a bit more deep, I am also kind of excited about sharing more of our family life with you this week. So without further adieu, today I am sharing about the BOY that is Nicholas!

Right now I am loving be a mom to a boy. (Don't get me wrong - I definitely hope to have a girl someday.) But I so enjoy the way that Nicholas' personality comes out in all things boy.
Like his love for doing boy stuff with his Dad (wrestling, being tossed around, etc.) All the things I pretend aren't happening otherwise I get nervous.
Nicholas seriously lights up when Brian comes home from work. I swear that he is louder, giggles harder, and only does his raspy, belly laugh when Brian is around.

Right now he loves blocks, wooden or plastic. And his throwing arm is a little too good. (My face learned that the hard way.)
He is full of energy, loves getting into stuff and making messes, and is constantly nose-diving off of our couch (don't worry, we catch him).
Nicholas' current favorite spot? Sitting right on top of Brian's guitar case. He hits the case so hard that the guitar strings vibrate. 
My heart is so taken by this boy's rambunctious, spirited personality. You'll often find him applauding for himself every time I say "good job Nicholas!", or bobbing up and down to music. (Or any type of beat for that matter.) He makes me laugh all the time and is so full of joy. 

I hope that as he wrestles, growls, and crawls faster than I can keep up with, that he'll still want to cuddle with his mom. I want him to be rowdy and enjoy life as a boy - but I absolutely savor the moments when he crawls over to sit on my lap. (And then swipes the glasses right off of my face.) He's just started kissing me, and my heart absolutely melts.
Boys always need their mamas, right? (Moms of boys, this is where you say, "yes Mackenzie!" :) )

What are some of the things you love about your boys being boys, or your little girls being ladies?

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  1. Boys are so fun! I love my sons' rambunctiousness but more than that I love their exuberant zest for life (and that fact that underneath they're both Mama's boys is sweet too)

  2. Hey Mackenzie...

    I have been reading your blog for sometime now and it has been a real treat to hear you share your new life as a mom with all your heart.

    You are doing such a great job, I wish I had approached being a mom-uh with more peace like you show (I know it can be tough)... keep sharing the joy&trials & most of all trusting God, he will bring you through it all!

    Boys are awesome, I absolutely love being a mom of boys, my boys are elamentry age and they are a total blast, raising boys to love and respect their mom and all girls is my goal (and love Jesus with all their heart too - of course)

    So cute the pic of Nicholas on the guitar case - I have the same pic of my oldest who also would trying to surf on it... and now they "jam" together!

    Being part of a "network" is so important - like a mom's group at your church or net-working through blogging, so important to us mom's.

    Keep up the great work you are doing a great job!

  3. Mackenzie, Nicholas is so cute! Oh my goodness, just the smiles and bright eyes of his that you capture on camera make me smile! His pictures today melted my heart! Thanks for sharing the beauty of motherhood with us.

  4. I LOVE the photo of him sitting on dad's guitar case. I would frame it, and I have never even met the little guy :) Having a boy is so great, but I do wish the cuddle times lasted a little longer--I always feel like a girl would sit still longer :) Have a great night! PS, I had a new cousin born on Tuesday named Mackenzie, so that reminded me of you.

  5. What a cutey! Thanks for sharing. And I completely agree! I originally really wanted and thought for sure we were going to have a girl but my little man has shown me the amazing fun and sweetness of rambunctious boys. I know exactly what you mean about their personalities coming out in everything "boy", especially when they're playing with their daddies.


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