Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If You Had Stopped By This Weekend...

If you had come over this weekend, I would have invited you in to the joyful mess that was our home.
As you stepped inside, you'd have probably been shocked by our laziness - I was at first! But then I realized that sometimes sleeping in until 10 (thanks Brian!) and not wearing makeup for 3 days straight does something wonderful for your soul. 

If you had stopped by, you would have caught me being a nerd and pretending like I know what I'm doing behind this baby. (Again, thanks Brian! Best gift-giver ever.)
You would have seen a lot of these boys snuggling and giggling,
and maybe a little too much of Nicholas biting inanimate objects. (I blame it on the teething. Or on the fact that he's a boy.)
You would have seen a mess of toys,
a boy who badly wants to walk,
and who cannot keep himself from climbing.
If you would have come over for a visit, you'd have seen me tearing up over how quickly this little man is growing up. 
And let's be honest - a few of those tears would have been from me not knowing exactly how to discipline this curious and fast-crawling little boy. I guess that's part of the growing up too fast thing!
You would have seen a sick toddler, who was still as funny and sweet as ever; he just made all his jokes with a raspy voice and a few sniffles.
If you would have been able to come over this weekend, you would have been greeted by a tiny, chubby-fingered wave. You might have had trouble finding a seat that wasn't occupied by a giant lego or covered by an annoyingly large blanket with the face of a wolf on it (again - husband's fault doing. He thinks the blanket is cool because we live in Montana, but I'm still holding onto my non-wolf-blanket-loving-Seattle roots).
 If you would have come over this weekend, I would hope that you would have felt right at home. Amidst the mess, the little sniffles, the sarcasm, and our uniform of sweatpants.
How was your weekend?
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  1. I would have probably walked through your door, given you a big hug and scooped nicholas up and snuggled him. Because he looks so darn cute!! =)
    And probably terrified him in the process haha!
    Hope you guys are feeling better!!
    Much Love!

  2. I'm commenting for the first time here eventough I've been reading your blog for a while. I find your writing very inspirational and true and I love that you guys are with YWAM, I once was too. :)

    Be blessed in this new year!


  3. I wish we lived closer so we could have coffee dates (and play dates soon enough :)) and just spend some time together. I miss you!

    PS - your little boy is so darn cute I squealed out loud.

  4. Stephanie @ LifeCreated blogJanuary 7, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    great photos, and looks like a great weekend.

  5. Wow, your pictures capture the life and the light in your little boy's eyes. You can tell he is so loved by you and your husband!

  6. you look good behind that Canon!! my little one has been sick too. I hope we are on the better side of it now though :)

  7. Great post, these are the ones you will look back on and treasure most! Hope little man is feeling better. Our newest addition spent all week battling an ear infection, but was still pretty upbeat.

  8. loved this post! Nicholas is such a handsome little man! growing up fast. :)

  9. Oli has that monster onesie!! love :)

  10. In every single post I read you seem so warm and friendly.. I think would feel right and home and I'd be sure to give lil one some cuddles and tickles. I hope we can be real friends through this bloggy world!


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