Friday, December 21, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog: Our Not-So-Traditional Holidays

Sometimes I feel like a walking paradox: Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without the rich family traditions - yet Brian and I have not celebrated Christmas in any sort of consistent way in our four years of marriage. 

I'll explain why that is in this video, but it still makes me laugh that me, Mrs. Lover of All Things Consistent and Traditional, cannot seem to be consistent when it comes to the holidays. 

Here's a little peak inside of our not-so-traditional Christmas traditions:

If you love Christmas music (or hey, even if you don't!), I urge you to check out the song that was playing behind my video. I am obsessed. It's Jamie Grace singing "What Child Is This" - but it's also a sort of mash-up with "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus." Isn't that a cool idea? And it's kinda Indie-ish, which I like. You can check it out HERE

Maybe our Christmas traditions are traveling and slight chaos??

As Nicholas (and our future kiddos) grow, I'd like to find ways to really make Christmas about Jesus and the gift of Him coming to earth, and not so much about the presents and all that. Maybe next year we'll do a really simple advent with Nicholas, as to really anticipate the coming of Christ. I personally have been reading the SheReadsTruth Advent Devotional. I highly encourage you to check it out, especially since it's free. It's ok if you haven't read it from the beginning too!

I also thought I'd share some of my favorite Christmas decorations! We don't have a tree this year, since Mr. Expert Climber & Inanimate Object Eater (aka Nicholas) would have enjoyed a tree a little too much. But I still tried to make our house feel Christmas-y!
L-R: Our stockings / Little Christmas town (thanks Mom!) / Wreath (adorned w/ cheap ornaments from Target) / Christmas cards from friends! One of my favorite "decorations" :)

Thanks for checking out what Christmas is like in our family! We are currently with our families and truly enjoying this Christmas season. I'd love to hear some of your favorite Christmas traditions, so feel free to leave a comment!

Want to share your holiday traditions? I know that Ashley and Kerrie would love for you to make a video and link up! Just click the adorable photo below for more info!



  1. SO glad you linked up McKenzie! This is Wade's first Christmas off from work so I'm excited to start some new Christmas day traditions as well :) And, btw, my jaw hit the floor when you said you traveled two weeks after a C-Section! You are one tough mama!

  2. Oh Mackenzie...loved your video!
    I hear ya on the lack of consistency during the holiday season. It's so hard because the husband and I want to see family during Christmas, but I'm also ready to start doing Christmas in our home as a family. One day it will all work out. :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!


  4. it seems like a lot of people do the ornament thing where its something from the year that was special and i think that is a great idea. i'd love to start this tradition when i have a family!! =)

  5. oh my goodness. I also have a "my brother caught his arm on fire" christmas story. hilarious!

    merry christmas mckenzie!

  6. We haven't done anything consistent to celebrate Christmas, either. As my son grows older, though, I'd love to start doing an advent calendar! I'm going to try one next year for sure.

  7. "thats what we did that year... I cried a lot" Hahaha I know it's not funny but it made us laugh. I love that book tradition your mom had- 5ohBig has the same book (although she has managed to rip hers to pieces). Obviously, I love the ornament tradition too. Merry Christmas!

  8. HAHA I LOVE that you guys haven't done the same thing twice!! I don't think we have now that I think about it or at least its been different location and people every year =) Hope you have an awesome time with your families =)
    Haha and I love your comment about the book ;)
    Much Love!

  9. Growing up we've had Christmas differently every year and I love it. Since we got married almost 7 years ago, we've moved 4 times, so things are never the same for us either. I love your book tradition, such a great idea.

  10. I loved hearing about all of your different Christmas celebrations through out the years! The stockings are adorable, and loved the ornament for this year too!

  11. I hope your first "normal" Christmas is blessed to the fullest! :)

    I linked up as well, over at Merry Christmas! xoxo

  12. I love your book tradition! :) When he's bigger, you should so get Jesus' Christmas Party, by Nicholas Allen. It's one of my favourites!
    You clever sewing girl - making stockings!
    Merry Christmas!
    xo Rachael

  13. Adorable video! I found your vid through the link-up, I linked up too and I hope you're able to check it out. Oh...and I am highly anticipating this whole "dad going to the hospital" story, lol. God bless!

    *hugs & love*
    Ashley Danielle
    ||Always Ashley Blog||

  14. I hope this year was wonderful with all of your family! Btw, totally diggin the song in the background- thanks for the recommendation!


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