Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Today, the boy who made me a mama turns one. 
Nicholas James, you are the joy of my life. Last year on this day, God gave your Dad and I the most amazing blessing. You came into this world at a time where my heart was a little broken and my faith was a bit shaken. Your life, your cuddles, your sweet spirit have changed me. God used you to restore my hope in Him, to refresh me, and to bring joy to my hurting heart. 

Every night before we go to sleep, your Daddy and I pray for you. We can't help but praise God for the gift that you are in our lives. You are silly, energetic, and a BOY to the core. Your crazy hair, kissable cheeks, and personable spirit have caught the eyes and hearts of everyone you meet. You are an extrovert if I've ever seen one! And I love watching you learn, grow, and discover.

How did you get so big?

I can't believe that I get to champion you for as long as I live - what an incredible gift. I will stand behind you, pray for you, give you to God, and watch Him do amazing things with your life. You are our joy, little one. I pray that in your own way, you will change the world. That God will use the uniqueness that you possess to love others well. That you will know every day how DEEPLY loved and valued you are, by your Mom and Dad, and by Jesus.

I love you my little ham, with every single ounce of my heart. Happy birthday!

You better be taller than me by your next birthday, ok?

Nicholas' Year of Monthly Photos (minus month 11, woops!)


  1. happy happy birthday sweet boy!!!

  2. happy birthday to one of the happiest little guys I know!

  3. What a sweet boy! I love the monthly photos with the blocks. Great idea!

  4. Joy is right! My dad always called me his Pride & Joy...I find myself calling my son that all the time now! I had no idea how privileged I would feel to be his mommy--just like you feel :). It is the BEST! God bless your next year, sweet baby boy!

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet little guy! I love that second picture of him! :)

    And, the blocks were a great idea.

  6. what a beautiful, sweet letter!
    happy birthday to nicholas!!


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