Friday, December 14, 2012

Just Stop

After realizing that I need to create MUCH more margin in my life, I've been making more effort to just stop. Stop in the middle of addressing Christmas cards, and get down on the floor with Nicholas. Stop during the flurry of cleaning/writing/showering that usually takes place during Nicholas' afternoon nap, and spend time with the Lord. Stop the mad dash to complete every single undone task once Nicholas goes to bed at night, and give my undivided attention to my husband. 

We only get this one life, ya know? We only get one chance to live today and to cherish the people God has given us. And there is so much grace - but I want to make sure that I am always ready to be "interrupted." Aren't my relationships with the Lord, my family, and my friends so much more important than my to-do list? Than getting in a shower every day? Than how many people follow this silly little blog?

This is a continuos struggle for me, one that I have barely begun to master. 
But these are the reasons why stopping is so important:
Lord, give me the perspective that I need to slow down, love my people well, and grow closer to your heart. 
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  1. Hi There!!!! I'm Hanna. LOVE your blog and I love making new friends!!!! I am your newest follower:)I found you on wonderful Casey's blog "on your heart" post!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! You can find me anytime at

    xoxoxo Hanna

    P.S. YOU ARE ADORABLE!! seriously

  2. beautiful post and great reminder to not only stop and smell the roses, but to enjoy them as well.

  3. Such a great reminder! I'm an avid list keeper & crossing things off my list makes me happy :)! But I am totally guilty of putting my to-do in front of the people who are most important to me. Must work on that!

  4. Hi, Mackenzie. I just found your blog, and I'm already hooked! This entry alone was enough to draw me in. I think everyone, maybe especially wives (and maybe especially wives in ministry) find that they're just doing too much sometimes. And that they're forgetting what's really important. My husband is a minister, and I'm involved with a few things at our church as well, and it keeps us busy. My husband's good about this, but MANY times I get so wrapped up with "doing the work" that I forget the importance of spending time with my husband, or just spending an hour alone with God, or just calling my mother. I can't even imagine how you handle it all with a baby as well! But I know God is merciful, and He loves our efforts. Sometimes we just have to remember to "Be still." :)

    Definitely a new follower. God bless you!

    Lynette @ lynette marie

  5. I love and can relate to this post so much.

    Cute blog! :)


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